Playpenbeen listening to alot of melanie martinezs songs from covers to her own stuff hehe been somewhat of a chilled day thanks to it : 3

Draw and everything by Charry


Aww this little baby looks so cute in this pose. He really look focus on something that he really like.

Time for the Big Baby’s Nap in His Cradle

Time for the Big Baby's Nap in His CradleThis cute bear Digitz

Draw by Yookey


You find some nice text to this drawing from Digitz if you click on the link above.

Aww it sure looks like this big baby is to big for his old baby furniture. He dont seems to fit inside his cradle any more now. This sure look cute but they seems to have forgot to give him his night time plush to cuddling whit during his nap.

The cloth diaper that he is wearing sure look thick and comfy and should have no problem to keep his cradle dry during his nap time.

I hope he can be able to get some sleep in this position.

Snug and secure

Snug and secure Oh my… It looks like Tupi and his boyfriend Rezio, got themselves in some seriously babyish and embarrassing trouble yet again! But actually, it seems like someone has “helped” them to end up like this – put in thick, puffy diapers covered by bright, warmy snowsuits and snuggly secured in baby carseats with 3-point straps squeezing their chubby tummies. Then a pair of padded, slippy mitties to make sure they don’t fiddle around the buckles too much and finally, their very favorite pacifiers fitted with special holders, so they don’t “accidentally” fall out of their muzzles. The “babies” are ready for a veeeery long trip!
It seems like they’re kind of shy, though – Rezio is squirming and kicking his legs, making crinkling noises, while his raccoon boyfriend is trying to somehow figure the buckle out – but let’s be honest, both escape plans look equally hopeless and the boys will remain helplessly snug and secure in their cute carseats for the whole trip!

Draw and everything by KaaLover


Yes this two cubs sure looks secure for there car trip and it dont seems like they can do anything about it. Wounder what sort of place they are going to be tacking to? They sure look worry about the situation they have ended up in.

To much TV

To much TVhehe, I fell asleep while watching TV late at night. while being cozy in all my baby clothes. i probably never slept so good before :p and i gues it was good that i had a diaper on aswell xD

Canid and text by Thernol

Draw by catmonkshiro


Looks like the baby was to sleepy to stay awake any more. Good thing he decide to put on his thick night diaper and his footed sleeper for the night before he start watching the tv. And now when everything is silent you can hear the wetting sound coming from inside this sleeping furrys diaper. Good thing it is thick so it can handle all the wetting accidents that he is going to have during this nice and peaceful sleep.

Desperate sissy

Desperate sissyDraw and everything by Charry


Looks like this sissy demon finely was enable to cum even if he is wearing a chastity cage that should prevent sexually stimulus.

Helping out a friend

Helping out a friendStar had promised tristan she would help him out at one of his photoshoots, he had just started up a photography studio of his very own and he had asked if she could help him learn some new skills. Star didnt know the first thing about photography but she agreed to help in any way she could. She walked into his studio it was all very professional looking She saw him digging out some outfits from a box.

“Hey, Tristan. I’m here. So…err…whatcha want me… to do……… exactly?”

She had watched and blushed as he had produced some rather oversized baby toys and clothing, followed by a massive diaper.

“Hey, Star. Here put these on.”

He thrust the ensemble into the stunned lynx’s arms. She stood there statuesque.

“errr…. Tristan…whats….”

She was cut off as Tristan took the stuff back from her.

“yeah sorry Star. I should do this properly really. Let me explain, I’m getting into baby photography, theres a lot of money to be made in that, but babies are generally a pain to work with and usually uncooperative and fussy…so what better way to train than on someone uncooperative and fussy. Now do you want to put this stuff on, or do I have to dress you myself? Actually I suppose that would be more authentic, putting a squirming child into a cutesy outfit, i’ve heard it’s not exactly the easiest task”

He grinned and before Star could react, tackled her to the floor. Star kicked and struggled and yelped as he stripped her down, powdered her, diapered her pulling the super thick disposable up between her legs and fastening the side straps, he pulled the outfit on over her, securing her paws in thick booties and mittens rendering her fingers near useless, all whilst she tried to claw and kick and bite and swore.

She lay there on the floor mortified she had been so easily manhandled into such a frilly outfit and the diaper…she had no idea what brand this was but it felt like it engulfed her. She flushed crimson as she involuntarily purred at the feel of such thick padding and having been so easily overpoowered. Tristan chuckled.

“I knew I had the right kitten for the job.”

Stars head shot up and she shook her head hard.
“nono…this is NOT what i signed up for.” She tried to pull the mittens off but they were securely tied, she tried to get up but the thick padding and pillowy booties made standing quite impossible. she flopped back onto her padded butt stunned.


“There, thats the first picture taken, and if you dont want this pic to make the rounds on social media I suggest you start playing the game little Missy.”

Stars eyes were wide with disbelief, he wouldnt carry out such a threat would he? They were friends after all. Tristan continued to talk ignoring the look of fear on his friends face.

“now Star, im gonna pretend I cant understand you anymore okay, and treat you like you were just a little itty bitty kitten until the shoot is done, i’ve got six or seven outfits I want to try and some scenes I want to set, and you can be as fussy as you want and i’ll even change the kitty’s diapers should she make a tinkle or stinky, okay but by the end of the evening i’ll have a full portfolio of adorable kitten pictures whether thats okay with you or not. Now lets get started shall we.”

“Seriously Tristan, this isn’t funny you can..”

“whose a widdle cutie, is that yoo? is it? is it? wassawassawoo. What are you trying to say sweetie? Do you want your baba? is that it? Is the baby hungry…maybe you want your paci, you can’t need changing already cause i’ve just put you in a fresh diaper two seconds ago”

Star was lost for words, too embarrassed by the sickeningly sweet babytalk she fell silent as Tristan handed her a huge baby bottle full of milk and popped a pacifier into her slack mouth.

“Aren’t you just the most adorable little thing. Can you give Unka Tristan a biiiig smie for the camera like a good girl? Noo?” Tristan gave an over the top pout. “is someone a grumpy little girl? Maybe this will help.”
He dug around in a box labelled babytoys and came out with a squeaky duck. he squeaked it, Star looked up at where the noise had come from, blushing at being treated like such a helpless infant.


“Thats going to be a cute piccy isnt it, baby, Now lets see if I can make the kitten smile”

Order by gamemaster19863

Draw and story by BabyStar


Poor little Star it sure looks like things dont turn out as expected when she decided to help out a friend whit his photoshoots.