All ready for bedtime – ludisluteo

All ready for bedtime - ludisluteo

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Aww looks like someone is going to be force to be spending a very long time in this diaper :( At least it seems to be pretty thick one and when it is finely time for a diaper change i bet that diaper is going to be pretty stinky and well used one. And i am not surprised that they decide to deliver the news when his harness is lock. So it is nothing that he can do about it now.



Finding themselves forever locked in the room of haunted pleasures, helpless to the whim of the kinky spirits that occupy the space, they’re probably all gay kangaroos honestly, will the pup ever be rescued, or are they doomed to a life of endless kinky pleasures! who knows?

Order by anon pup

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot


Yes he sure seems to have ended up in one special haunted room here and i think that he is going to be there a wail. Who wants to volunteer and look for him in a room like that?

At least he get some very special treatment from the ghost.

Game night with the girls

Game night with the girlsLooks like Stars been betting again and being sore loser blaming the mittens she had to wear in the last round, Abbey and Paisley seem to be having fun at her expense.

A trade whit MonsterBunny draw and above text by BabyStar


Aww poor Stars looks like she have lost the game again and is now force to be wetting here diaper like a little baby. Is she going to put here diaper to some good use?

I sure think they are going to making sure of that.

But it make me wounder way is Stars being force to wear mittens?

Big Kid

Big Kid
Sometimes your caregiver doesn’t care how big you are. To them it just means you need bigger diapers.

Character and above text belongs to Island

Draw by Diapered-buns


Yes that sure is right big kids sure make bigger messes and thats way they need thicker diaper that can handle everything the kid trows at it :)

Poor Island he sure dont seems to be up for this sorts of moments :(


SissychuA reward for Erakir by ludisluteo


Poor Raichu he sure have ended up i one kind of blushing situation here. At lest he is not standing there whit a soggy diaper i bet his face should be even more blushing red then he is now.

He sure look super sissy in this outfit.

Babyfur Comic: The scoop of the century pg 4

Babyfur Comic: The scoop of the century pg 4

Looks like ace_fox84 has discovered something unexpected.

Order by ace_fox84

Draw and above text by BabyStar


Yes this big suppositories sure is going to help him making one big mess in his diaper during his beddybyes. But i am not sure what the stuff she inject in his pee pee is going to do. But i bet we are going to find that out in the next page maybe?

He sure have ended up in a special situation here and i am sure wounder what is going to happen in the next page of this comic.