Got milk??

Got milk??a question all cubs ask their mommies

Draw and everything by babyfox1800


Yes cubs love to suck on there bottles whit some nice milk in it. Looks like this little cubs dont have any milk in his bottle :(

There’s still a little cub inside in all of us!

There's still a little cub inside in all of us!
Matt wasn’t happy at all with being in bed pretending to be a baby, he wanted something more!So he decided to drink his youth formula(created by him also)… but he decided to invite a friend in the fun too!
Matt:”All right Ozzy! I’ll be here waiting for you!”

Minutes later, Matt explained everything to Ozzy and that the effect of the formula lasted only  10 minutes, but time enough for being babies and have a moment of great fun!

Ozzy:”Can you give me some of your formula to give it a little to my Tavi?”
Matt:”Yes you can!”

And as you are seeing, what a  great day  had those two, being like babies!^^

Ozzy: OzzieKitSkunk

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Sometime drinking this youth formula can be a very good thing so you can regress back to infant stat.

Staying with the boss!3


Staying with the boss!3
Staying with the boss!3

Final part in which Matt is totally under  control by the expert paws of  his boss!

The  boss:”You’re now in your little bed, my little princess, tomorrow at dawn and before you go to your home and your work, I will change your dirty diaper!Tomorrow you will go  with a totally clean and fresh bottom!Finish your milk and sweet dreams my big  boy!Mr.Fox plushie will accompany you tonight!”

Then the boss  kissed Matt on his forehead and turned off the lights …

PIC 2:
The  next  morning, the boss got up very early in the morning to change Matt’s  used diaper!

The  boss:”I changed your diaper my big boy and now you have a clean and fresh bottom!You smell so good!”

Then the boss sat on the floor and hugged Matt by  his waist and  said:
“I want   hugging you for hours,my  big  boy!”

Matt:”Boss … errr … I have to go home and work!”

The  boss:”You’re right … well, but if you need  to stay here in my house again,just say  the  word  and  I  say  yes!Ok?”

Matt:”Yes  papa!”


Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by: nelson88

Look like Matt is accepting his fate and that he need to obey the boss every order. I only hope that no one found out about this sissy and diaper part.