One cute Mickey Mouse diaper – babypudge

This baby boy sure is wearing one cute diaper :)

I sure wounder how he have manage to create a diaper like this one. Sure should be nice to know how to do it.

Babyfur Comic: Mischief!

Babyfur Comic: Mischief!These pups and their antics!And this time nothing more and nothing less than at the Disney amusement park!
There they gave vent to their pranks!Especially with something that they brought from their home … “the itchy powder”!
And their first victim was a poor bear dressed as Mickey Mouse, which the pups with the itch powder, put the bear’s rear end on fire!

And speaking of fire, the twins rear ends, was not  left far behind! The  antics of the cubs  reached the boss and Matt’s ears and as you are seeing, they got a well deserved reward at the Disney’s park!And I would to say, a new attraction was added to Disneyland Park …the spanking attraction!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


I think they should deserve more toasted butt then that when they have done something like this. This husky s butt dont look spanked enough. This was something very naughty they have done.

Spanked at Disneyland!

Spanked at Disneyland!Caiden and his father had arrived to Disneyland in the afternoon, after staying at the hotel, Caiden immediately wanted to go to the park!

Caiden:”Papa!Papa!Let’s go to the park!I want to see Mickey,Donald and all my favorites characters!Please!Please!Please!”

And his father said:”We’ll go later, I’m a little tired from the trip! Let get some rest for an hour and then we can go to any part of the park!”

But Caiden didn’t want to rest, and  he just started to make a big tantrum!

His father very quietly got out of the bed, took  little Caiden with his paws and placed  him face up on the bed!Then he removed Caiden’s diaper, lifted his little legs and began  slapping his bare bottom!

Then Caiden thought:
“I hope that Mickey Mouse isn’t watching me, because it would be very  embarrassing!Ouchie!”

Art by Nelson88 and story by Victor

Caiden: tugscarebear


Poor Caiden it cannot be so match fun to end up whit a spanked bottom at a place like Disneyland. But that is whats happen if you are a bad baby boy you always ends up whit spanked butt.