Big Baby Changing Station – RECOLOR

Big Baby Changing Station - RECOLORSign-ups for Tak’s new recolor, the Big Baby Changing Station!

This recolor comes with a full and detailed background. It comes fully colored and shaded and can be modified to match your character.

This can be drawn to any species and gender!

WINGS: I can add in wings…but you’d be laying on most of them.

What I will edit:
– The plushie
– Face (muzzle, ears, nose, hair)
– Species (tail, addition of scales or feathers)
– Foot

What I will not edit or draw in:
– Diaper patterns (sorry guys, no patterns for this one please)
– Age
– Body Type
– Pose
– Major modifications
– Taurs

Versions that you can order




Exposed & Wet


This recolor is $40 and includes one version: dry, wet, messy, or exposed (sheath with tip, or puss).

Each extra version is $5, or $10 for all three others. So if you want all FOUR it’s $50

Want an exposed ~naughty~ version (boner/chastity, or toy for the females~)? $10+

If you wont to place an RECOLOR order on this Big Baby Changing Station whit your on character? then you should click on the link below.

But remember Tak expect it is going to be allot of babyfur that is going to order this so it can tack sometime before you receive your order.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Poor Koku, seems somebody’s used a little magic to play a prank on hir, and right in the middle of hir session at the big game!

Koku and text by: darkdraconis

Draw by: catmonkshiro


Poor Koku this is one of the worst thing that can happen when you are a diaper carrier in public. That you end up filling your diaper so everyone could here what you are doing.

My New Life in Diapers Book 8 Humiliation on the Court


Book Description

November 30, 2014

Petey is still at his mother in laws on vacation with Steph his wickedly seductive wife and two dominant sexy friends of his mother in law. Much trouble for Petey ensues involving plenty of forced diapering, adult baby humiliations and much more. And Petey soon finds that two pretty ‘friends’ show up a the party wanting to join in the humiliation fun! Introduction to a new humiliating business proposal for Petey. Concludes with a very humiliating tennis game involving Petey wearing the ultimate embarrassing outfit… Will he get the diaper change he so desperately needs?
This story is an ABDL story involving humiliating sexual situations between consenting adults all over 18 years of age. There are no children involved at all.
Please do not buy this book if you are wanting a story of loving tender ABDL fiction. Although there are a few tender loving scenes in this book, it is more dominant/submissive in nature containing many scenes of intense humiliation.
Includes scenes of
strap on sex
forced diapering and humiliating ABDL play
intense sexual humiliation scenes
oral sex
messy diapers


If you wont to order the e-book you can find it here.

Trying Cloth Diapers

Trying Cloth DiapersSo, Lucario and I bought a pair of cloth diapers each, and they’re really comfy. I kept mine one for about 30 hours, and Lucario took his off after he wet it 3 times. Well, I don’t think he likes the way I smell right now, but he can deal with it, they’re waaaay to comfy to take off now. Funny thing is, he’ll have to change me when I decide I want out. You can tell he’s looking forward to it.

Draw and text by: Poke-anima


So this is what a soggy and well use cloth diaper look like. He really need to have that diaper change now i bet it is super stinky now.

Diaper Challenge Progress

Diaper Challenge Progress
If you have no idea what this picture is referring to, here’s a link! :

This was me a couple hours ago (Yes, this actually happened) when I was doing my diaper challenge, (I have to stay in my diaper for as long as you guys tell me to), so far I’ve been at it for 22 hours, and only changed once. (I’m allowed to change my diaper 2 hours after I mess it). Long story short; SaberMantis decided to add an hour to my time after I messed my diaper, so I had to stay in it for 3 hours instead of 2, and I regretted eating those 5 grilled cheese sandwiches, because they didn’t smell so good after I had digested them. xD

Story and draw by: Poke-anima


Yes it is easy to understand how match the diaper stinks now when you have where this messy diaper for 3 hours. Hope they let you change the diaper soon.

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