Stinkbutts!Well, it’s finally happened! Both my sissy sis and I have been hypnotised, now we’re happily regressed and playing about….and we’re both stinkybutts. >///<

Cubs Charry and Ursa-Mina

Text by Ursa-Mina

Draw by Charry


Yes here we have two cubs that sure looks like they could receive a diaper change now. The diaper they are wearing sure looks well used now and one have already start leaking.

Messy diaper butt – imaginationofaboy


Looks like this little diaper boy really needed to go in his diaper. Now he have got from a clean diaper butt to a messy diaper butt instead.

What is that smell?

What is that smell?Source:

It looks like the other boys have start notes a strange bad smell from something. Hope they dont found out about what the last boy have done and hiding inside his pants.

cray cray

cray crayThe weary messy fox: theanon

Draw by operationfluff


Looks like this Fox have ended up whit a weary soggy messy diaper here. This Fox really seems to like wearing his thick diapers and use it.

Cerelan changing demo

Cerelan changing demo
Cerulean gets to demonstrate to the class how to change the pampers of their future cubs… and for this demonstration he uses a freshly AR’d Ace as his… ahem… “volunteer”

done for Cerulean_Aurion guest starring Acepup

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

Poor Ace it dont seems like he wont to be part of this blushing and embarrassing demonstration when Cerulean is going to show how a messy diaper get change.

He really look pretty mad right now.

Littleazure Part 1 to 3

Littleazure Part 1Source:

This things is  easy to do when the diaper is dry and light.

Littleazure Part 2Source:

But when the diaper get wet and heavy it is harder to do stuff like this.

Littleazure Part 3Source:

When you diaper is both wet and messy the diaper is to heavy for you to do stuff like this and you fall down on your padded messy diaper butt.

This three drawings is made by Sir-Dancalot and the person who have order it is littleazure.