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Messy heavy diaper


This look to be a weary heavy messy diaper that definitely needs to be change.

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Please change me


Poor little wolf i dont think the person that he ask to change him is going to be able to do that. I think this pink diaper is to small for him. It dont going to fits around his waist. So i think he needs to understand that he needs to spend a little longer time in that stinky diaper before someone could change him. They need to find the right diaper size.

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Squishy surprise

Squishy surpriseHere we see a raccoon with a particularly full diaper decide that Kie’s face was the best place to sit

Order and text by: kietheredfox

Draw by: chuckybb


It look like this poor Fox is force to smell this raccoon weary messy diaper and i bet that is not so match fun when it look to be weary messy.

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You looking at me?

You looking at me?why are you looking at me like that ^^;

Wolf: onikiba

Draw by: artikai


The reason that i look on you this way is because its smells like you have a messy diaper. Did you have a messy accident in your diaper?

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I think I made an Easter egg

I think I made an Easter eggRex and draw by ReXam-1


Yes it really looks like Rex made an easter egg in his cute pink diaper. Good thing that he was wearing one when it happen. Now can he continue with the egg hunt and change the diaper when he is finish.

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He’s Your Problem Now

He's Your Problem Now
one afternoon, Crunch’s Mommy and Daddy had some errands to run, so they decided to leave their pup in the care of Manor for a couple hours. Crunch was excited to spend some time with Manor because he heard a rumor about how much Manor loved diapers, much like how he does. ^^

poor Manor had no idea what he was getting himself into, while they did have fun playing around with eachother, Manor had to change Crunch every half hour because he would get too excited and flood his diapers.

as Mommy and Daddy returned to pick up Crunch, Manor handed him over to them while Crunch was looking up at them in a very wet and messy diaper. Manor said “he’s your problem now” with a stink face. Crunchy said how he enjoyed being with Manor as Mommy and Daddy paid him for his babysitting services, to which Manor said he enjoyed it too, minus the stinky Pampers.

there’s no doubt in my mind that Manor will be back for another babysitting adventure with Crunch. ^^

Crunch © to poochyena
Manor © to tazzbluecat
Poochyena © to Pokémon


Yes changing a messy and stinky diaper is something else then a wet one. Its smells allot more and take some time to get the baby clean again.

I really like this expression in there face Crunch all happy and Manor not so happy about the stinky diaper.

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