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Don’t you find it cute?

Don't you find it cute?
Run for your lives, it’s the tails doll! ;w;

hdofu has a habit of sharing creepy and scary stuff with me. I’m easily creeped out so I thought it would be a funny premise for a picture. x3

Rex: ReXam-1

Hdofu: hdofu

Text and drawing by:

aww poor Rex it look loke like Hdofu have show his friend Rex something scary again that make him run away and the same time use his diaper. I hope he is running to his mother or dad that can comfort him and say that everything is fin now. And when he have stop crying i think that they are going to change his diaper so he dont need to run around whit a wet and messy diaper any more that is bad for his skin and it can lead to some bad diaper rash. I bet he is going to feel more happy when he is back into a clean diaper instead of this wet and messy one that he is wearing now.

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Minun Duct Taped in Diapers

Minun Duct Taped in DiapersSo my little minun firend Oliver was wondering what it was like for me when I was duct taped in diapers for two days, so I agreed to diaper and tape him up. I warned him that the duct tape was pretty near impossible to get out of and resistant to electricity, but he didn’t seem to care.After wrapping him in two full rolls of duct tape (Including wrapping it around his diaper so he couldn’t be changed), I told him I’d be back in two days and I set up a camera to record him. I kinda felt bad leaving him alone, but I’m sure he’s doing fine.

After I got back, Oliver’s diaper was COMPLETELY filled and very stinky. Only then did I realize I had wrapped him up in Giga duct tape, which can immobilize a tyranitar with only one layer. I had wrapped Oliver in 23… It’s going to take a LONG time to get him unwrapped…

Draw and text by: Poke-anima


I bet now that Minun regret that he ask his friend if he could be duct taped in diapers for two days now special when he is force to feel and smell the messy diaper that he is wearing right now.  It really look and smells like he need a diaper change now.

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You Want To Be A Baby? By Croc Chapter 15


Jodie woke up hours later, she rubbed her eyes and looked out through the crib bars; her school clothes were gone! Jodie panicked:

“Leanne, wake up.” – Jodie said in panic as she rubbed the body of the ringleader.

“Sophie, wake up.” – Jodie said again in panic as she rubbed the body of her best friend.

The two girls woken up as I was still asleep.

“I was having a nice dream, something I couldn’t get in my bed at home; this better be good!” – Leanne bitched to Jodie as she rubbed her eyes and gave a yawn.

“Yeah, I have a nice nap to.” – Sophie yawned.

“Our school clothes have gone.” – Jodie bluntly told the two girls.

“What?” – Leanne gasped in panic.

Leanne then pushed Jodie out of the way, and looked through the crib bars to see that there school clothes that they stripped off had ‘disappeared’.

“Oh fuck.” – Leanne commented.

“Karen knows.” – Jodie told Leanne.

“But how?” – Sophie whined nearly crying out of fear.

Leanne looked down to my sleeping body:

“Wake him up.” – Leanne ordered Sophie.

Sophie looked down to me as I held my Teddy sleeping.

“Johnny’s looking so cute; it’ll be a shame to wake him.” – Sophie kindly thought.

“Now!” – Leanne snapped.

“No fuck you Leanne, you always boss me around.” – Sophie snapped back standing her ground.

Leanne pushed Sophie out of the way and shook my body hard and fast to wake me up.

“Get the fucking up John.” – Leanne firmly told me.

I woke up and looked up to a nervous Leanne.

“I want answers.” – Leanne told me.

“Mhpph!” – I said as I was still gagged.

Leanne quickly unstrapped my dummy gag from around my head and threw it somewhere in my crib. I was now able to speak.

“What answers?” – I told her.

“Our school clothes have gone!” – Leanne shouted.

“Yeah so?” – I replied not giving a toss.

“John, the nursery was locked how did your Mummy know?” – Jodie nicely asked me.

“There’s a hidden HD camera in the Nursery, high above in the ceiling somewhere, its Mummy’s way for protecting me in case my babysitters or carers take liberties of her baby boy; my Mummy trusts no-one. I tried to inform you when you started to strip off your uniforms, but you bitches gagged me.” – I truthfully informed the girls who were only wearing my disposable nappies.

“Jesus my life and reputation is over…I’m going to become a retarded nappy girl just like you are being an adult baby.” – Leanne commented in light tears knowing the power of her mother: Geena.

“I’ll take that as a compliment; I’m getting use to my babyhood again: I’m enjoying it.” – I told the girls.

“We need to get out of this crib.” – Jodie positively announced as she tried to lift up the top of my crib.

“You can’t open it: my Mummy made it so only she can open it from the outside, if a fire was lit the emergency button of the crib is on her mobile.” – I told Jodie.

“Christ it’s like a prison, I’m scared.” – Sophie cried as she grabbed a Winnie the Pooh bear in her hands.

Leanne wiped her tears from her cheeks:

“We need to make up a story, I have no doubt that Karen has rang up our mothers about our antics.” – Leanne told Jodie and Sophie.

“It’s no use in lying Leanne, we’ll be in deeper shit than we are right now.” – Jodie commented.

“Yeah, maybe our mums want us to lie to entrap us.” – Sophie thought.

“Just listen to me, follow my version of events and we’ll get out of this mess.” – Leanne firmly bossed Jodie and Sophie.

Jodie and Sophie looked to each other for a moment but then the Nursery door opened and the Nursery light was switched on…In walked Karen followed by Geena (Leanne’s mum), Carol (Jodie’s mum) and Zoe (Sophie’s mum).

The three schoolgirls – for the first time – were all silent and embarrassed. Mummy got down to it:

“See, just like what I showed you on the Nursery video.” – Mummy declared to the three mums who looked really pissed and angry.

“Karen, get the girls out of Johnny’s crib please.” – Geena commented as she folded her arms, Carol and Zoe nodded in agreement.

Mummy opened the top of the crib and let the three girls out, Mummy stroke my hair and gave me a kiss on the cheek:

“I’m leaving you in here John for the short moment, don’t worry Mummy has sorted something out.” – Mummy whispered giving me a wink and she locked the top of my crib again; leaving me to witness the coming actions.

Leanne, Jodie and Sophie stood in full view of their mothers only wearing a large thick Cuddlz nappy in shame.

Geena Ford: 41-years-old, School Headmistress, medium height, slim, short black hair, natural breasts, wearing a feminine suit.

“So girls are you going to tell us what happened and why you did it?” – Geena asked the young ladies but was staring at her daughter Leanne.

“Well-I…what it is…” – Sophie tried to tell the truth but was cut off.

“It’s was Johnny’s idea!” – Leanne announced.

The three mums looked to Leanne.

“Really?” – Geena asked her daughter.

“Yes, he wanted us to strip in front of him, he gets turned on when teenage girls wear nappies, he’s just a dirty pervert he seduced all three of us.” – Leanne lied to the women as she formed Crocodile tears.

“Are you telling us the truth Leanne?” – Geena firmly asked her daughter.

“Yes mother I am.” – Leanne pouted.

Geena turned to Carol.

Carol Ryder: 43-years-old, Business woman, short, curvy figure, long blonde hair, busty chest.

Carol then looked to her daughter Jodie:

“Jodie is what Leanne told us the truth?” – Carol firmly asked her daughter as they both looked into each other’s eyes.

“Yes mum, Leanne’s right.” – Jodie mumbled in pouted lips.

Carol looked to Geena and then the two women looked to Zoe.

Zoe Clark: 39-years-old, nurse, tall, ginger haired and natural breasts.

Zoe nodded to Geena to give permission. Geena looked to Sophie who was still holding Winnie the Pooh in her tiny right hand.

“Sophie, are the girls correct?” – Geena calmly asked the meek schoolgirl.

Sophie looked up to Geena with growing confidence:

“No! Leanne forced me to suck Johnny’s cock, it’s on the video! Leanne said she always wanted to wear nappies, and she’s attracted to the age-play scene. She told me this at school, she wanted to use being a babysitter to Johnny so she can steal, wear and use his nappies. There are so many of them, she thought that Karen wouldn’t notice. I’m so sorry that this has happened I feel so ashamed.” – Sophie bluntly told the truth as looked up to her mother.

Zoe stepped forward and gave her one and only daughter a cuddle:

“Aww, sweetheart I’m glad you were honest, unlike some other girls.” – Zoe commented sternly as she looked to Leanne and Jodie.

“Yeah it’s true! I was scared, that’s why I lied to you mummy.” – Jodie mumbled as tears were filling up in her eyeballs.

Carol rushed over to cuddle her daughter.

“They’re lying, I’ve been set up!” – Leanne shouted in a fit of rage.

“Leanne Ford, that’s enough!” – Geena shouted back to her daughter.

“But mum…” – Leanne tried to speak but was cut off.

“Leanne, we have all seen the video footage, you are the ringleader in this awful oral quickie – you are the one who first stripped off your uniform and put on a nappy. Do you really enjoy the age-play scene?” – Geena asked her daughter.

“Well…” – Leanne began to figure out an answer to her mother.

But the girls and ladies were cut off by something:

“What’s that smell?” – Geena commented as she sniffed her nose.

“Johnny did you go poopy?” – Mummy asked me out loud.

“No mummy.” – I replied showing her my nappied bottom.

“It’s not my little boy. Maybe it’s one of your widdle girls?” – Mummy rejoiced sadistically hinting to the three mothers that it’s one of the girls.

Carol turned Jodie around and placed her hand into her nappied bottom:

“Jodie I swear if it’s you? You’ll be in nappies for two months 24/7 and that includes wearing them to school.” – Carol firmly informed her daughter.

“It’s not me.” – Jodie cried.

“No it’s not. But because of your bad behaviour you will need to be punished, so when we get home you will wear nappies 24/7 for a full week. You will learn that it’s not nice wearing nappies all the time, maybe then you’ll think twice about the next time in following someone’s lead.” – Carol told her daughter who fell to the floor in a flood of tears.

Zoe smiled and checked her daughter’s nappied bottom.

“You’re such a good girl Sophie…but Carol’s right, you two will wear nappies to school and at home 24/7 for a full week, to teach you that you will never do something this stupid again.” – Zoe kindly told her daughter.

“I’m so sorry mummy.” – Sophie cried as she placed her head into her mother’s chest.

Mummy looked over to Geena and Leanne:

“Well, there’s only one nappied bottom left to check.” – Mummy smiled looking at Leanne.

“This is bullshit! I’m eighteen not two!” – Leanne shouted.

Geena turned her daughter round to shocking find her bottom filled with shit!

“Enough is enough!” – Geena shouted in anger.

“Mum it’s an accident!” – Leanne cried with real tears and emotion.

Crocodile tears won’t cut it Leanne; I can’t believe what kind of a daughter I’ve raised: a schoolgirl slut. I’ve heard other rumours of your sexual contact with boys and of your domination; but now I’ve seen and heard it all: You want to be a baby? Okay! You can become one of these ‘Adult Babies’ starting right now.” – Geena announced as she grabbed hold of Leanne’s wrist and pulled her out of my Nursery.

“Mum I can’t go outside like this! People will see me!” – Leanne begged to her mother.

“You should of thought of that when you put on that nappy, come on I’ll even transform your bedroom into a new nursery: you’d like that, like you said ‘You’ll sleep better in a crib that you do in your bed’ I’ll put a large order online with those Cuddlz nappies; I’ll throw away all your big girl panties, kickers and bras – Everything in your life will change…and I will also inform your younger sister about your new status: I’d know she’d love to have a baby sister, and it’ll help her out with her childcare diploma at school.’ – Geena ruthlessly told Leanne.

Leanne just cried and cried. The ‘fittest’ schoolgirl of the school and daughter of the school headmistress was now going back to the life of babyhood…and she couldn’t do shit about it.

Geena paused for a moment on the landing:

“Karen?” – Geena called for Mummy.

Mummy poked her head round from the door.

“Yes Geena?” – Mummy asked.

“Ring Lucy, tell her there’s going to be a new little girl that’ll be joining her toddler centre, fax me the paperwork.” – Geena smiled.

“Sure I’ll give a call. Bye Leanne.” – Mummy cruelly replied getting her revenge on Leanne.

Geena left our home holding a nappied Leanne to her car, strapping her in the back seat; forcing her shitty nappy to expand on her toned and firm bottom.

Back in my Nursery:

“It’s time for din-dins, come on.” – Carol cooed to Jodie.

“Mum I can’t leave here wearing just a nappy!” – Jodie protested.

“Leanne did and so can you…would you like a spanked bottom?” – Carol calmly asked her daughter.

“No mummy.” – Jodie mumbled.

“Great let’s go.” – Carol said as she led her daughter out of my Nursery holding her hand.

“Carol, would you like me to also call Lucy?” – Mummy hinted with a smirk.

“If things don’t improve; yes. I’ll keep you posted Karen.” – Carol told Mummy with a smile.

Carol and Jodie then left my home. Zoe and her daughter Sophie were the last ones.

“Oh Sophie I’m so proud of you; for sticking up for yourself against those mean bitches. You’re still going to be punished, but afterwards, if you do want to wear and use nappies; just tell me, I hope the one lesson we both can learn from this, is that we keep no more secrets. Come, let’s go home and we’ll take more in-depth about your options and emotions.” – Zoe kindly told her daughter.

“I love you mummy.” – Sophie cried with happiness and she cuddled her mum.

“I love you too.” – Zoe replied as she kissed her daughter’s forehead.

Zoe stood up and took hold of Sophie’s hand then looked to Mummy:

“Karen, I am thankful for you calling me round, to view the video. We’re going home now to discuss things, if Sophie does want to be an Adult Baby Girl, then if that’s okay with you? Johnny can have his first playmate?” – Zoe informed Mummy.

“Only if Sophie wants her babyhood back, then yes.” – Mummy smiled taking a nice shine to Sophie.

“That’s great, here is Winnie.” – Zoe told Mummy holding up the soft toy.

“Sophie can keep him, more girls like Winnie than boys, can you see yourself out I need to tell my widdle boy something.” – Mummy told Zoe.

“Sure and thanks again.” – Zoe smiled and she gave Winnie the Pooh bear back to Sophie.

Sophie held onto Winnie the Pooh as she left the Nursery with joyful smiles and in small moments Zoe and her daughter left our home.

Mummy and I were left alone in the Nursery, mummy walked up to me:

“What a day ay? John I’m sorry for leaving you with those young ladies – little girls. They screwed me over, but not to worry, Mummy called Cheryl over: she’ll become your number-one babysitter from now on; just like it was all those years ago. I’m going to put on some din-dins. Cheryl will be coming over later to see you in the flesh and I don’t want her to be disappointed. Play with your toys in your crib while Mummy prepares your supper. I love you so much.” – Mummy kindly and lovely told me as she blew me as kiss.

Mummy left me in my crib to play with my soft toys and to leave me with my thoughts on what just happened…

Written by: Croc

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Locked in a Rubber Pants 1 and 2

Locked in a Rubber Pants 1
I got a brand new type of diaper that is supposedly made up of an unbreakable and uncuttable rubber. I decided to put it on and add a padlock to it. I locked it tight around my waist. Now it should be impossible to escape from without the key. To stop me from unlocking myself too early, I swallowed the key. Now all I have to do is wait ’till I get it back, but I forgot one thing…


Draw, text and Pikachu: Poke-anima

Awww wounder what he is going to do now when the key for the lock to the rubber pants is inside him now and we know what is going to be lather. Yes it is going to end up inside the locking pants. But how is he going to get it out?

Locked in a Rubber Pants 2After four days of being stuck in my diaper, it started to get soaked and very messy. The lock held tight, and the smell was starting to really get to me. Plugging my nose didn’t help either. They were right when they said the diaper was indestructible. As far as the key goes, I have it, just not in the place I want it…


Draw, text and Pikachu: Poke-anima

Yes i agree this diaper most smell weary badly now when it have been on for 4 days now. Wounder how he is going to unlock this locking rubber pants now when the key is inside his weary messy diaper?

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Trading Personalities by Croc – Chapter 6


I finally woken up after getting little sleep during the night – reason being is because it’s the first time I’ve worn a nappy in years. But that wasn’t the worse of it.

I finally woken because of a certain smell that really got up my nostrils, in that moment I was lying flat on my slim tummy, I turned to my left to look behind me and I was shocked: I had involuntary shat myself!

“God no! This is impossible!” – I lightly told myself.

Then the door opened:

“Good morning, my baby nephew.” – Auntie Jodie cooed wickedly.

“Fuck you!” – I shouted at her from behind my crib bars.

Auntie Jodie smiled, she then walked over to the curtains and opened them up; the sunlight nearly blinded me.

Aunt Jodie walked up to my prison and stared down onto my nappied bottom.

“Well this potion is working fast. The smell of fresh shit in the air brings back the days where I changed my Josh’s bum-bum.” – Auntie Jodie softly told me.

“I’m sorry.” – I cried out as I tightly held on to the nearest soft toy in the crib.

“You know as well as I do Ben, that we’re long past being ‘sorry’. If you had the balls to admit your evilness last year; it wouldn’t of come to this: only a solid spanking and a few discipline measures. Now, you’ve sealed your own fate.” – Auntie Jodie firmly told me.

“How long is this to last?” – I asked my Auntie as I wipe my tears and snotty nose.

“Forever!” – Auntie Jodie told me in a fits of giggles.

“Noooo! It’ll never work! I’ll fight it!” – I shouted in rage as I knelt in the locked crib.

Auntie Jodie walked nearer to the crib; she bent forward and looked into my eyes:

“Your mummy is going to give you a bottle fed soon…with more potion in the mix: by the end of the fucking day: you’ll never be able to speak, write, and go toilet like a teenage boy. This is going to be joyful to watch your puny self-getting degraded by your mummy…in public!” – Auntie Jodie whispered to me.

“I even ‘advised’ your mummy to take new pictures of her baby boy and post them on her Facebook account…that is reaction I cannot wait to see.” – Auntie Jodie informed me.

Mummy walked into the room.

“Oh my, what’s that smell?” – Mummy gagged placing her fingers to her nose.

“That smell little sister is your teenage son’s shit.” – Auntie Jodie bluntly told my mummy.

Mummy’s eyeballs rolled in the air.

“Is it? Aw, bless him. I guess he just can’t help being who he wants to become.” – Mummy sweetly told Auntie Jodie.

“Mummy!” – I cried out placing my hands through the crib bars.

Mummy walked up to the crib and held my hands:

“My poor sweet boy, there-there, mummy’s here now to change you into a fresh nappy. There’s no need to feel embarrassed. It’s part of who you are now.” – Mummy softly spoke to me.

“Mummy?” – I asked her as I am confused.

“Benny, I believe your Auntie Jodie is right: you won’t admit it, but it’s obvious that you’re jealous of her and Josh’s bond. I now know that I have to take you back into my arms, before you reach the age of 18. You’re my only son; I think we will fully adapt to your new situation when we get home…it’s only fitting since I’m fulfilling my nurturing needs and you with your emotional need for your mummy. Don’t worry about a damn thing: your mummy and Auntie will make sure no-one at school will take liberties with my baby boy.” – Mummy informed me of my new reality.

“Mummy it’s all a farce: Auntie Jodie is getting her revenge upon me for me teasing Josh wearing nappies and for publicly humiliating him last year: you’ve got to believe me mummy!” – I begged mummy as I then sat in the crib: forgetting that I’ll now have a shit smeared ass.

“Honey, that might be true, but I love my sister and I love you, this is how things can get better for our family: just let go of your teenage self and take in your soon-to-be baby lifestyle: for if you don’t? Things will get very strict and humiliating for you.” – Mummy told me.

I cried out loud: the potion has tricked mummy’s mind against me. I had no-one on my side and I will indeed go deeper into babyhood…but not without a fight!

Auntie Jodie and Mummy got me out of the crib, then laid me onto the adult changing table…it took them ten minutes to wipe clean my shitty ass and place a fresh nappy underneath my bottom.

Auntie Jodie grabbed an adult baby sailor suit from the nursery’s wardrobe and her and mummy dressed me in it.

Auntie Jodie then shoved a new NUK6 dummy into my mouth.

“Suck on it Benny.” – Mummy ordered me.

Mummy had me stand off the changing table. I looked at the two women.

“Crawl! Baby boys crawl for they cannot walk.” – Mummy cooed to me.

“Do it! Or shall I get the paddle?” – Auntie Jodie warned me.

I sucked my new dummy and bit it hard for I got on all fours and crawled out of the nursery, into the landing, then downstairs towards another piece of my babyhood…

This story is written by: Croc

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Pika-Diaper Vacation(Messy)


Pika-Diaper Vacation(Messy)
I decide I could use a crinkle Break. So after a quick visit to my little Zebra friend and doing her some flavors. I had a special Diaper potions to give me that crinkling relaxing 4 days break from life. So I sneak into my friend poke-anima ‘s house and went to his dresser in middle of the night. Drink up the potion and hide in his diaper draw of the dresser. Being super quiet to not wake fellow chu. And just had to wait for morning. Took a bit long then I thought it would but when it did I joy to hear him get up. I listen as he went through his normal morning routine. Until after he change into a new diaper. He look down at his bottom and in shock realize he didn’t have on a regular diaper but me. I told him I would be his diaper for next 4 days and couldn’t be remove until then, was a bit muffle from being worn. He begin to remove me and struggle in vain as magic of potion made my diaper tapes tamper proof. They wouldn’t budge. I stretched as he kept trying but I held firmly and snugly. He keep try until about 7 minutes pass and he grunt. He got a bit of a blush as he mess right into me. I know my buddy not good at holding it in but I’m sure I can hold it all. We do have 4 days to still go. This will be a fine vacation for me.

Pikachu: poke-anima

Pikachu diaper: JamesG

Draw by: JamesG


diaper tf1 - Copy——————————————————————————-

I love the blushing look on poke-anima face when he discovers that he dont can take this special diaper off for 4 days. And what its even worse he have already messy the diaper and cannot change it. I bet he is going to have a bad diaper rash after this 4 days in the messy diaper and it going to be a weary bad and nasty smell around him to.

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