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Video belongs to rdasf691

Looks like this diaper boy end up whit a messy diaper butt :) and we be able to see everything close up.

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Join the crinkle butts

Join the crinkle butts
Auran is captured and in a tight situation. After a diaper and mitts are put on a strange object lowers down and begins erasing his mind completely. Soon replacing it with a more appropriate baby like mind for the sweet little kit. Who as his mind is erased accidentally messes his diapee~

Fox and text by Auranthefox

Draw by subdivisions

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17535619/

Good thing they decide to put him in diapers before they starting this mind erasing process now when it seems like he have end up whit a messy diaper. Now can they focus on completing this before they change his diaper.

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