Messy diaper – My ABDL Life

Poopy Puppy

Poopy PuppyOrder by TheAnon

Draw by KingCrazy

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20926906/

Yes it sure looks like this little puppy have manage to release one massive stinky load into his awaiting diaper. Good thing it seems like it can manage it.

Diaper changing gone wrong

Diaper changing gone wrongIt was a typical day for Sapphire she was being her stinky soggy puppy self and needed a change, she went over to her automated changing table in her nursery and hopped up on it she started it but it glitched out determining she was a naughty baby puppy for not being messy enough and so it started grabbing all the used diapers/pawpers from the diaper pail and putting them all over her, from her paws to feet paws, to even her maw and it seems they werent done yet, for all she knows it looks like she will be fully covered in them by the end of this~ What a poor naughty puppy.

Text and dog by bestsage

Draw by dozyslumbers

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20908224/

Awww poor Sapphire it seems like something is wrong whit here diaper change machine. Now is she covered in here use diaper. Wounder how she is going to escape from this situation.

Messy maid

Messy maid
-whines and squeaks- hadd an accident whilest tidying mmmphhs!! and i still have lots more to doo so no changies any times soon -blushes furiously-

Draw and everything by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20867409/

aww poor maid. It sure looks like his diaper is starting to get pretty saggy from the load that he have release into the diaper. It sure looks like it should be change. Wounder if he is going to be allow to change it soon.

nekonekodiamata immersive VR

nekonekodiamata immersive VRLucha and Rosa get to try out a new VR system.

it’s really good, but there are a few kinks to work out :P

Order by Nekonekodiamata

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20796474/

Yes it sure looks like they have something to work out here. Poor furry it seems like he is blushing big time when he notes that he have use his diaper whiteout notes it. It sure looks to be pretty messy and well used to. Hope not this is permanent thing for him now.

Such relief for Lokai

Yes he sure looks happy now when he have this out of his system. Now he only need to find someone that can change his messy diaper butt :)

Gaming Time 4

Gaming Time 4Even more and more mess lol

Order by fennecbunny

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20781888/

It sure looks like this bunny is finish using her diaper now. Look how well used it is and how sagging it is between here leg. She looks like a very happy and relax bunny now when all of this messy stuff is out of here system.