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He’s Your Problem Now

He's Your Problem Now
one afternoon, Crunch’s Mommy and Daddy had some errands to run, so they decided to leave their pup in the care of Manor for a couple hours. Crunch was excited to spend some time with Manor because he heard a rumor about how much Manor loved diapers, much like how he does. ^^

poor Manor had no idea what he was getting himself into, while they did have fun playing around with eachother, Manor had to change Crunch every half hour because he would get too excited and flood his diapers.

as Mommy and Daddy returned to pick up Crunch, Manor handed him over to them while Crunch was looking up at them in a very wet and messy diaper. Manor said “he’s your problem now” with a stink face. Crunchy said how he enjoyed being with Manor as Mommy and Daddy paid him for his babysitting services, to which Manor said he enjoyed it too, minus the stinky Pampers.

there’s no doubt in my mind that Manor will be back for another babysitting adventure with Crunch. ^^

Crunch © to poochyena
Manor © to tazzbluecat
Poochyena © to Pokémon


Yes changing a messy and stinky diaper is something else then a wet one. Its smells allot more and take some time to get the baby clean again.

I really like this expression in there face Crunch all happy and Manor not so happy about the stinky diaper.

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Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Miles: tfbaxxter

Draw by: Mindmusic


As Miles finished watching another episode of My Little Pony, a yawn escaped from his muzzle. He was due for a nap, he thought, but mommy was upstairs sorting herself out for dinner tonight. Grabbing his Fluttery plush, and feeling a little adventurous, he waddled up to the staircase, his soggy diaper sagging a little between his legs.

As he took the first step, he his tummy started to gurgle. He stopped sucking on his pacifier as he looked down at his backside. The urgent need to release made him try to move up to the next step, but before he get his second leg up, his bowels moved with a loud “blooorph!”. The baby food and formula he’d been fed only a few hours ago was forcibly making its way into his padding, and there was no stopping it. He blushed behind his pacifier as a second “frrrt” confirmed the end of his accident, his diaper now completely and very clearly full. Having heard the movement outside her room, his mother turned her head round the door, immediately seeing the results of her son’s mishap.

“Come on little guy, lets get you cleaned up for your nap shall we?”

Story written by: JimmyWolf2007


Rely looks like Miles needs to have his diaper change now. Good thing he was padded when it happen. Miles look super cute whit his messy diaper butt and his pony plush that is bay his side.

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Comic: Peace, Love and Easter Spanking


Looks like all this boy ends up whit allot of spanking in this comic. his butt dont look so good after receiving all this spanking its look weary toasted and sore. Hope he learn to behave now.

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Comic: Upset stomach

tumblr_nfvdf0E0z71s3voupo2_500 tumblr_nfvdf0E0z71s3voupo1_500 tumblr_nfvdf0E0z71s3voupo3_500Source:

Poor girl. It seems something was wrong whit the food see you st find so tasty. From the look on the face and the fart sounds see make it most hurt allot. When that happen it is always good to release the pressure that have built up inside you and those moments can it be good to be diaperd so you can release it quickly and continue to do so until your tummy all is good again . So in the end you will end up with a very messy diaper that you need to change before you have a messy leak.

I know how this things is whit a upset stomach and when dos moment happen it is good to wear diaper diaper and just stand there and relax.

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HUGE mess in my Bambinos – DPRTube

Feelin’ iffy all day until this happened. All I have to say is thank god for Bambinos!

Text and video by: Hudsonbab3

From the messy sounds that is easy to hear in this video it sounds like this boys tummy dont feel weary well. so it was good thing he decided to wear diapers today.

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Big Baby Changing Station – RECOLOR

Big Baby Changing Station - RECOLORSign-ups for Tak’s new recolor, the Big Baby Changing Station!

This recolor comes with a full and detailed background. It comes fully colored and shaded and can be modified to match your character.

This can be drawn to any species and gender!

WINGS: I can add in wings…but you’d be laying on most of them.

What I will edit:
– The plushie
– Face (muzzle, ears, nose, hair)
– Species (tail, addition of scales or feathers)
– Foot

What I will not edit or draw in:
– Diaper patterns (sorry guys, no patterns for this one please)
– Age
– Body Type
– Pose
– Major modifications
– Taurs

Versions that you can order




Exposed & Wet


This recolor is $40 and includes one version: dry, wet, messy, or exposed (sheath with tip, or puss).

Each extra version is $5, or $10 for all three others. So if you want all FOUR it’s $50

Want an exposed ~naughty~ version (boner/chastity, or toy for the females~)? $10+

If you wont to place an RECOLOR order on this Big Baby Changing Station whit your on character? then you should click on the link below.

But remember Tak expect it is going to be allot of babyfur that is going to order this so it can tack sometime before you receive your order.

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