Bye Bye Corporal, Hello Babbler

Bye Bye Corporal, Hello Babbler Poor babystar seems to have been captured by someone who would rather have her babbling and drooling from her maw rather than shouting orders at others. It seems though that some time has passed as the mental reconditioning seems to be hitting it’s final stages. She doesn’t have much time. Or maybe, it’s already too late.

Lynx belongs to babystar

Draw and text by Kit_Kiama


Poor babystar it sure seems like it is already to late to do anything or reverse here current mental stage :(

What is going to happen whit here now? Someone sure is going to be needed to take care of her now when she dont can do it herself.

Caught in the crossfire

Caught in the crossfireStar is currently Cottontail Nurserys most recent…guest… and Saffy seems to have gotten caught up in the hypnoregression pen somehow. Silly girl. the effects do wear off but for now Akiko has 2 test subjects to try the new brand of adult diapers instead of the originally intended one. You’d think Star would be happy to have a playmate but she seems more intent on chewing her own foot.

Saffy and order by TheAnon

Draw, story and draw by BabyStar


Yes they sure now have good two test subjects now and both seems to be needed a diaper change. There diaper butts looks to be pretty messy and stinky now.

Babyfur Comic: Diaper Change – Regression

Diaper Change - RegressionFox: Auranthefox

Draw by Subdivisions


So cute looks like this cute fox have been regression back to baby hood whit help of this maybe magic diaper that have fix this.

Looks like everything is working out good in the end for this fox boy he look so happy and relax when he is sleeping in his crib together whit his pacifier and plush.

Kiburi-Lion sleeping lions

Kiburi-Lion sleeping lionslet sleeping lions…. well… let them sleep and be cute.

Lion: Kiburi-lion

Draw by catmonkshiro


What a cute lion. It seems like he have regress back to babyhood and he seems pretty happy about it to. I hope he have some nice sleep together whit his plushy and pacifier.

Re-program all the Pups!

Europe/Stockholmtoyapup dealing with some adjustments to his life :3

Wolf toyapup

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot


I think this is going to be a big adjustments to toyapup life now when his mind get back to infant state and he need someone that could care for him 24/7. Poor boy this is not going to end up well for him when he is finish whit this re-program.

Babyfur Comic: The Babymaker – Page 6

Babyfur Comic: The Babymaker - Page 6Draw by BananaButt


So cute look like the ghost is finish whit the adult boy now. But now instead of an adult he is a baby boy now. Look like he get a chance to relive his childhood ones again. Hope the one that find him is going to take good care off him now.

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