MultitaskingHuh… I guess that happened. Whoops.

Text and the blushing husky by Megamatt215

Draw by Diapered-buns


Poor blushing husky it looks like he made a stinky in his diaper during bottle time. Good that the diaper is on to handle it :) Now can his mother or daddy change him when he is finish whit his bottle.

No need to blush little cub this thing happens and nothing to worry about.

This is why you need fiber

This is why you need fiberThe poor husky Megamatt215

Draw by Brevity


This poor Husky it seems like he is having some trouble whit his tummy :( Looks like he is having some big trouble messing his diaper :(

YCH- uh oh

YCH- uh ohSomeone had a woopsie moment!

Husky by Megamatt215

Draw and text by Fenelek


Poor husky it look like he had a little accident in his diaper. But the way this dont look like a little accident more like a big one. Good thing he decided to be diaperd and it seems like the diaper could handle everything this time.