Visit the doctor 26/10-2016

This wednesday i was visiting my local doctor and now you maybe wondering why? The reason for that is that i have ended up whit some pretty messy depression and panic attack. So the doctor have to issues an medical certificate that get send to the Social Insurance so i can get sickness benefit. I have been sick and home for a year now and it seems like it is not going to change anytime soon. I probably will not ever be as good as I can go back to work again. This time medical certificate is valid through 31-01-2017 so i am going to be home for 3 new months. The good thing about this is that i going to have allot of times when it comes to waddling around whit my diapers and use them for the purpose they are made for. I bet you know what i mean whit that :)

so i dont know what is going to happen whit me in the future but i dont think i care or have the power to think about it right now. I really need to get things together and find a good solutions for my big sleep problem that i have. I fall a sleep way to late for it to work whit a job right now.