Finally reached 1,000,000 views

Finally have i reached 1,000,000 views on my blog this is a big day for My ABDL life. This was not something that i thought was possible when i started my blog June 2010 on BineroFinally reached 1,000,000 views but now i am here finally :). Wounder what date is going to be when i reached 1,500,000 views or maybe 2,000,000 views that should be something. Then 19 February did i make a decision to move my blog to City NetworkFinally reached 1,000,000 views because i needed to have a shared host that could offer me some more PHP ram and that was what City NetworkFinally reached 1,000,000 views did. But during this summer i get some problem whit a plugin on my blog that i would like to use and that developed to allot of problem for me and my host. So i decide that i should like to move my blog that could offer some more support and faster responds. And that was then i found Media Temple and it is on there Grid-server i have my on blog today. But i am thinking about to upgrade to there DV Managed. But i am not sure that upgrade is going to cost but it give me more control over my server and that is something that i should like to have.

If you looking for a good shared hosted i can recommend Media Temple. Right now they offer my friends $25 in free hosting. Use this link to get started.

I would like to send a special thanks to all furry out there that have give me there permission to post there art on my blog. I bet lot of people have like to view your great work and the nice art you have order.