Order from Max Diaper 20-7-2014

Nateen Combi ULTRAThe name on this product is Nateen Combi ULTRA and this is something that i have order from the Swedish shop maxdaiper.com. This is a product that they temporary have in the stock and they dont know if they going to have it in the stock any more it all depends on the responds from the costumers about this diapers. I have not try it yet because of the hot weather that we have here in Sweden now so i have decide to wait for the weather to cool down a little before i decide to try it. That you already know if you have read my post My first order from Bambinodiapers.com.


This Nateen Combi ULTRA come from a supplayer in China and you can read more about the product on there website there you also can find some nice photos.

Have you try this product before? Maybe you can tell me what you think about it?

Today I Receive My Order From Max Diaper

My Order From Max Diaper

Like you can see on the pitcher i receive my order from Max Diaper today.

The Package include this item’s:

10 pic of ABU Super Dry Kids

1 pic Tights with cars Size XXL

If you live outside of EU and wont to order this tights to? You can send them a mail. You find all the information you need here.

The last time i try this Super Dry Kids was back around 2008. So it going to be nice to see if it is any change on the diaper. I only hope that medium works good for be because large is not the size that i should wear it is to big for me and i hope the tights is in the right size to. I have not have the chance to try anything of this yet. But i hope that i going to try the diapers tomorrow.

One thing i miss whit this diaper package is some sort of cute pitchers on it or like some information about the diapers that you could find on the old packages. I like the information that you could find on the backside on the Tena Slip Maxi diapers i miss that allot. That give you a special and nice feeling when you watch it. Maybe some one have a pitcher of that package backside?

What type of item have you bought on Max diaper? If you have bought from this shop before.

My second order from Max diaper

Today i decide that i should make a new order from Max diaper. I have not order from that company for a long time so i decided that it should be the right time to order a package of ABU Super Dry Kids. I have not try this diaper for a long time so i hope they work different now then the last time i try this diaper.

I most say that the have fix some nice pitcher of this product how it looks like.


This view make the diaper look very nice and cozy. You st like a baby diaper should be. You can see more pitcher here.

I going to order a par of Tights with cars print to. I hope it going to be a nice and comfortably fit. If you live in US and wont to order a par of Tights with cars print to you can send them a e-mail about that. Max Diapers have let me know that the maybe can fix that for you :).

Max Diaper Extend Wide

Max Diaper Extend Wide

It seams like Max Diaper have start to sell there diapers would wide now :) Thats is good and i hope this is going to help people to know that you now can shop Fabine and ABU diapers from this Swedish reseller

If you wont your product to be available in this store you can check this page out.

I have a blog post that i made when i order diapers from this store the first time. It was when the for the first time open the gate to there store. So i think lots have happen over this first year. But if you wont to read about it you find the post here. The blog post is in English so you need to understand Swedish or translate the page if you are going to understand it.

I hope that you are going to like your order if you decide that you should make one. And i hope that you are going to like there shop. I wish you the best of luck whit your first order on Max diaper and hope that you are going to like there service.


Pre – Sale Fabine Exklusiv

Now have the time come to pre order  the new and improved Fabine Exklusiv. The ship is estimated to arrive around April. Dont know the exact date yet.

The diaper and siez that you can pre order is this:

  Fabine Exklusiv size  M printed

Fabine Exklusiv size  L printed

Fabine Exklusiv size L white

So it can be a good thing to place an order now so you are sure that you get the diaper when the have it.

You can order from this website: www.buntewindel.de/

If you live in Sweden you can order from this site: http://www.maxdiaper.com/