An embarrassing day!

An embarrassing day!It seems that Matt did something that the boss didn’t like it at all!Everything indicates that Matt has been disobedient!First of all, Matt received a hard spanking and later he was taken by car dressed like a  baby!
The boss took him and they made a little  trip around their  neighborhood, so that way  Matt learned a good lesson about obedience!

At least Matt don’t got off the car, if that happen that  would be even more humiliating!Maybe this punishment is very hard, but the boss’s  rules  are to be obeyed!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88


Yes it is weary good good obey the boos rules i think that the next time he disobey them the boos is going to take him for a walk dress like this. That is going to be even more humiliating for Matt. I bet he hope that’s newer going to happen.

In big trouble! Part 4

In big trouble! Part 4

´It was late afternoon and the school bell rang,as every student in the school ,each of them were heading home,including the twins!

But when the twins were at the door, Matt was waiting there with a big grin!

Matt:”Good afternoon my children! I have not forgotten what happened yesterday, your laughters and mockery!When I was dressed like a baby!Well, my decision was made and  now I want each of you to turn around  and face the wall!”

Sammy:”Sorry daddy!”
Matt:”Apology isn’t accepted yet!”
Remi:”I’m innocent! Sammy is  the one to blame!”
Matt:”Both of you!”

And as you have seen, the twins were punished first and then humiliated in the corner … dressed like babies!These twins learned the lesson in  the hard way!Never mess with your dad,boys!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Poor Sammy and Remi but i think that Matt gave them the punishment they deserved special when they was laughing at him the other day.

In big trouble! Part 1,2 & 3

In big trouble! Part 1

The boss was really angry with Matt!It seems that Matt made some mischief and mess in the  boss’s  company and it seems too that Matt couldn’t handle and even worse, a new  merchandise with  diapers was  still lost!

That night the boss spoke very seriously with Matt and his decision was:”Tomorrow we will resolve this issue in my office!But today,undoubtedly, you have earned a good bedtime spanking,Matt!”

In big trouble! Part 2
And as the boss said, Matt’s punishment  was applied quickly!He was spanked hard and soundly!And an opportunity that the twins would take advantage!They had their cameras ready to take some pictures!

In big trouble! Part 3One thing  that the boss said that Matt would do for three days and during the afternoon is that Matt would be sitting in a corner, punished (spanked again)and wearing a diaper!Thus his punishment would be completed and fulfilled!And simultaneously embarrassing!
But every time the twins were coming from school and watching their father in that position, was a delightful  fun for them!

Matt:”Very funny!Ha,ha!”^^

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Poor Matt it sounds like he have end up in a very embarrassing situation this time and it all ends being force to wearing a nothing else then a diaper and have a pacifier around your neck. And being force to sit down in the time out corner and have the twins Sammy and Remi to laugh at you.

Baby boss

Baby boss
Remember when  grandpa  Richard and  the boss turned  Matt into a baby? Then  Matt decided to use his well-known  youth formula and  he threw a few drops into his boss’s coffee before going to bed.The result?The next morning, a beautiful little pup  was lying on the bed!

Matt!:Oh!My baby boss is already awake!You and I will have a day filled with lots of fun,but first your little  blue bottom needs a good bath and  later ,a good and fresh diaper too!Look what I got for you! A good bottle with hot milk!You’ll be in my arms all day! I will kissing  you and cuddle you too!Until tomorrow…you  will be my big boss again!”

Then Matt took the boss in his arms and gave him several  soft pats on his  little ass and headed to the bathroom …while Richard snuggled into his chest!^.^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Hope he dont end up having a accident now when he is laying on the bed completely naked whiteout a diaper.

The danger zone!

The danger zone!One day,Sammy and Remi were playing in the living room with the new ball that  was brought  by Matt!While playing, Remi had kicked the ball a little strong and Sammy didn’t know where the ball had fallen!

The ball is behind you!” shouted Remi!

Sammy leaned down and looked  through his legs … but suddenly everyone in the room was laughing!

Sammy:”What?Tell me? What’s so funny?”

Remi:”Your stinky bottom is a danger zone!”

Sammy:”Very funny!You’re so silly!”

Then the boss and  Matt  said:”Your little heart on your diaper is very cute!”

And Sammy’s face blushed!^.^

***The silly joke  was made  by courtesy from Remi!***

Lineart by Victor/colors by : nelson88


Yes the diaper bottom can be a weary dangers zone special if it is messy. But this cub dont seems to have a messy bottom yet his diaper lock nice and clean.

Baby Matt

Baby MattMatt  is  a baby now?Definitely this work was done by the twins!Matt honed his own youth  formula ,to stay transformed into a baby a little  more  longer!But the twins before going to the summer school, threw some drops of that formula in  Matt’s coffee!

Then, Richard and the boss decided to put a diaper on Matt and besides, he was enrolled with a certificate that explains everything!
Which  means that Matt will  be  a baby pup in a entire week!
(This advance youth formula lasts a week!)Lol!

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Awww poor Matt seems that he is going to be a baby now for some time and that is nothing he can do about it. Wounder if the twins is going to give Matt some more youth formula by the end off the week?

I think that is something that is going to be easy if they decide to do it special now when he drinks from a cute little baby bottle.