Messy Cowgirl

Messy Cowgirl The diaper messing husky belongs to MasterLeo

Draw by overflo207


Poor girl looks like she really needs to put some good push here to get out the messy stuff in here system. It really seems to be a pretty hard task to be doing right now :(

But i bet she is going to feel so relief when she is finish and empty here bowel into the waiting diaper.

Paci Cowgirl

Paci Cowgirl

The little husky cub is being pacified ^//////@////^

As all good puppies need after a long day, riding through the ranch, in a cute cowgirl outfit.

The cute little husky belongs to masterleo

Draw and above text by OverFlo207


It sure seems like we have one happy cowboy girl here :)

Or maybe she is so happy to be allow to be sucking on here pacifier :)

What Babies Do Best

What Babies Do BestBig Brother Bally © BallyTheDog and MasterLeo are quite the mess makers, but that’s what diapers are for!

Cubs belongs to MasterLeo and BallyTheDog

Text by MasterLeo

Draw by tropicana


Yes this sure is what diapers is made for to handle to and it seems like this two babyfur is good about what they are doing to.

Wounder if there parents is going to change there diapers soon. It sure most be pretty stinky around them now whit two stinky diaper wearing cub in the room.


Léa’s Discovery

Léa's Discoverymasterleo smells something in her big brother’s diaper. Did she have to annouce it to everyone?

Furrys in the drawing masterleo and ScienceDog.

Text by ScienceDog


Poor ScienceDog did his little sister really announce it to everyone that his big brother have made a stinky in his diaper.

I can sure understand that he is blushing big about that. But i sure that the grown up had starting to smell his stinky accident pretty soon.

MasterLeo cozy wet diaper

MasterLeo cozy wet diaper
MasterLeo cozy wet diaper.

Lion: MasterLeo

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty


It seams that MasterLeo have get the cozy soggy diaper she always like to have. She always like to investigate and squeeze the diaper when it is wet. Some time have it even happen that she have broken the diaper because she have play whit the wet diaper little to match.  She like that sort of things allot the only problem is the adult that they change the diaper before i am finish or before it get really wet. It not that fun to need to start over again but at least it is fun to make the new diaper wet and MasterLeo dont need to wait a long time for that. But like we all know that diapers is made to handle this sort of things.

Playing Dress up

Playing Dress up
Playing Dress up

Ronald and Foxy was invite over to Leo for a party. but the did not know that it was a girl dress up party. So now the standing there blushing deep whit some cute dress and the diaper fully exposed. The can only hope that no friends found out about this.


Leo: masterleo

Foxy: abdl86

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Art: Launny

I would like to thank ronaldmccoon that order this wonderful cute drawing. I like it allot. The look on our face is so special. we are so embarrassed over this.

I think ronaldmccoon have so cute diaper butt and the diaper is so fully exposed when we wear this short dress :) But it should be more cute if the diaper we was wearing was pink. That should be something more to blush about.