No you’re upside down

No you're upside downThe cute happy dog belongs to Marshie

Draw by paddedulf


Marshie sure seems to love checking out the world in in sort of a new way :) He really sure seems to enjoy it special if you take a close look on his tail :)

Nap time

NaptimeThe cute sleeping dog belongs to Marshie

Draw by paddedulf


Awww this sure is one super cute sleeping cub that we have here. I only hope that he is dreaming about something super cute and nice.

He sure seems to be sleeping pretty relaxing for now.

Machine Malfunction

Machine Malfunction“I don’t need this pacifier I’m a terrnager! … wait that diaper isn’t mine! Get these off of me!”

Seems I shouldn’t randomly touch buttons and now I’m trying to escape!

Wolf and text by Marshie

Draw by Diapered-buns


Poor wolf looks like something is wrong with the machine. Wounder how he should get himself out of this mess.