StaircuffedLooks like a poor lil padded maid liox is on some serious timeout…
…maybe due to that big mess.

Order by markiliox

Draw and text by DozySlumbers


Poor lion looks like everyone that walks by can see that this lion is wearing a diaper and that have been use.

In a tight spot part 1 and 2

In a tight spot part 1Not so much a dilemma more a dil-enema….see what I did there :D pic for Markiliox Will Marcus make it through the night like a good maid…..Guess we need to wait an see.

Order by Markiliox

Draw and text by BabyStar


Poor Marcus he is newer going to be able to keep that diaper clean and dry the whole night now when he have received a enema and one suppositories. His diaper is soon going to be pretty messy and stinky.

In a tight spot part 2Guess Markiliox didnt make it after all. I think his new day isn’t starting off so well.

Order by Markiliox

Draw and text by BabyStar


Aww poor Marcus this day is not going to be anything fun for Marcus. Like you expected his diaper was well used in the morning and it have even start to leaking.

Wounder what his punishment is going to be?

Hypno Sissy Baby

Hypno Sissy Baby
How do you get a boy wolfie into diapers and a sissy dress? Hypnosis of course! Not that is was really needed as I am a sissy baby at heart, but it doesn’t hurt.

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by markiliox


Yes hypnosis is something good to use if you wont your babyfur boy to be wearing some girls outfit. It’s pretty hard to say now that this is a boy and not a little girl.

I mean Baby Maid

I mean Baby MaidSo I guess it was a normal everyday, until a certain kitty cat maid saw me, he must have wanted someone he could have babied around and worked for him, so he hatched an idea, and what followed next just went according to plan, wetting myself, getting asked to follow him into what I didn’t know was a maid academy, signed something, laid down on a changing table, then strapped and saw what was coming next~

“You’re mine now~” said the happy kitty maid who was going to decided my life from now. >//<
The new diaper and maid outfit are just the first step for the kitty’s new baby maid! >//<

Art by Markiliox and Xenorvus

Marcus belongs to Markiliox

Zelia belongs to SorceressRose

Source: and

Yes it sure looks like this kitty is in new paws.


SealedLooks like someone decided to play a prank on lil Scout and slapped a “Do Not Open Till X’mas” label onto his diaper butt when he wasn’t noticing. I do hope it’s just a prank, or else whoever’s his caretaker this Christmas, be very afraid.

Fox JimmyArthur104

Draw and text by Markiliox


Yes i sure hope that to that this is some sort of bad prank somehow. But it is kind of little funny to see this kind of text on a cubs diaper butt.

Crunch wear Bambino Bellissimo

Crunch wear Bambino Bellissimoeven though Bellissimos are an adult baby diaper, it doesn’t mean diaper loving puppies like Crunch can’t enjoy them too.

Crunch and text by poochyena

Draw by conejoblanco and colored by markiliox


Everyone that knows Crunch already know how match he love to wear and use his diaper. And this should be a good diaper that a think should handle his wet accident pretty good whiteout leaking. So his skin can stay all nice and dry so he dont develop any diaper rash from wearing a wet diaper for to many hours.