100% babyfur

100% babyfurWell Guess I’m 100% babyfur now.

This cute fox and the text is Yin_Wong

Draw by Marci

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6461324/

This is one super cute babyfur badge we have here. Looks like he really like to lick on this big lollipop.

Potty Training Party

Potty Training PartyDraw by marcibadges

Order by Little2Roo

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19488217/

Poor little Little2Roo it dont seems like he is ready to be a big kid now and start wearing big kids underwear instead of his thick and comfy diaper that little cubs wear. I can understand way he look so worry. I bet he is not sure that he wont to take this steps now to be a big kid. Using the potty is kind of scary.

Howee hypnosis


Source: marcibadges.tumblr.com

Looks like little Howee have end up in a hypnosis sesion. Wounder way they have decide to put him in a hypnosis state? Maybe they wont him to be a more behave baby boy?

Blushing Fox


Source: marcibadges.tumblr.com

daww this cub is so cute when he is trying to hide his diaper whit help of his jacket but it seems like it is a little bit short to be to any good use.

Wet baby sheep


Source: marcibadges.tumblr.com

Aww this is a cute baby sheep. Looks like he have a nice time playing whit the baby mobile above him and sucking on his pacifier. It even seems like his diaper have been use to :)

This is a perfect babyfur badge.