Babyfur Comic: Don’t try it just because you saw it on TV

Babyfur Comic: Don't try it just because you saw it on TVSeriously, don’t.

Characters: RyderKittenPants and  Mandobanjo

Draw by Zinky


It sure is not the best thing to try out wedgie when the furry you try it on is wearing a diaper ;)

But i sure love the look on the face she have in the last box :) But at least the diaper she is wearing is dry and clean. It sure should have been someone else if the diaper was wet or maybe even messy.

Never Too Big for Belly Rubs!

Never Too Big for Belly Rubs!The cute babyfur belongs to Mandobanjo

Draw by OzzyBear


Yes you sure are right you are newer to old for a nice belly rub :)

Looks like this cute little toddle wont to have one now :)

Hey, Checks Are Important

Hey, Checks Are Important
Toya’s a real sweetie and surprised me with this adorable scene today~ His reputation also precedes him, so being thorough in checking him is ideal.

Characters: Toyapup and  Mandobanjo

Text by Mandobanjo

Draw by Tato


Poor Toya but giving a cute little cub his diaper check when he wake up from his nap is imported. So mommy can find out if you diaper is messy or ended up to wet during your nap so you needed changed. It is nothing to worry about i am sure your mother is use to all kind of surprises. I am sure if she find your diaper to be to well used that she need to change it she will do it quickly :)


TIME OUTBlame or thank FluffyLilRev for this piece featuring me ’cause he volunteered me for it. Charry~ quickly whipped this up as a practice piece and I did some touch-up work… while squirming and red in the face…

Art: Charry~
Character: Mandobanjo


Poor little furry it seems like he ended up whit an loud messy accident in his diaper when he was place in the time out corner.