Public diaper embarrassment for Island

This is so fucking embarrassing. My pants and underwear were completely ruined that Milano (aka dad) had to throw them away. Now he’s walking me out of the store with this damned diaper on display for everyone to see. I hear the snickers and see the shocked looks as I keep trying to tug my jersey down to hide this bulky thing. Milano seems perfectly happy with this whole situation. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have to worry about wet car seats or something. God I want to crawl into a hole and not come out for YEARS! Hope no one I know sees this.

characters and text by Island

Draw by Blankie

Aww poor Island i think that unfortunately allot of other furry noted your padded state :( Special when Milano have you walk in the middle of the shopping center wearing only a t-shirt and diapers. I hope the situation is going to be over soon for this poor boy.

Shopping till it drops

Shopping till it drops“The mall, a wonderful place to spend a day of course Gamer is not one to agree. Unlike most people he has found himself being lead around by his caretaker in his usual attire he was forced to wear, already having soaked his diaper more than once he can now no longer hold off his need to mess as his tail starts to raise up and he feels his diapers start to fill…”

Cat and text by Gamerkitty

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor little cat it looks like he is going to waddle around the mall now in a messy and wet diaper before his caretaker decide to change him.


Uh-oh!Lanny, he is at the mall, after spending all day walking, He suddenly needs the potty, really bad.

Lanny, draw and text by Landonbay


Poor little boy he really seems to be needed to go and visit the potty right now. I really know that kind of look and how bad you really need to go. I have been in the same position allot of times when you suddenly feel that you really need to go and visit the potty right now.

I only hope he make it before he end up whit a accident.