Game Over

Game Over
your punishment is full pamps and ghosts to bab and tease you.

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Poor little cat it seems like he is going to be forced to messy his diaper and all this ghost is teasing him about his diaper usage. Wounder how long time his is going to be forced to wear this messy diaper.

his diaper sure look to be pretty soggy and heavy.

Magic Baby Wand

Magic Baby WandOzzie found a strange star wand on the floor, and felt a regressive aura coming from it. So, of course, he picked it up, and soon was much, much too small for his clothes, and in need of a diaper. X3 The lesson here is to beware strange wands…or don’t. :3

Skunk and text by OzzieKitSkunk

This cute pic was done by Nelson and Victor on Inkbunny.


Yes his cloths sure is to big for him now and yes he really need to have a clean and thick diaper around his waist and butt pretty soon before he end up whit a accident on his old cloths.