Isyonir Hypno-paci babbehfications

Isyonir Hypno-paci babbehficationsafter being gifted a special pacifier, he finds it not only popped into his muzzle, but unable to remove it, as it reassures him that it is, in fact, FOR HIM and makes a few other “alterations” to seal him into his fate…

just another helpless baby pretending to be all grown up…

Wolf: Isyonir

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor Isyonir it sure seems like he have ended up in allot of trouble now. How should he manage to reverse the effect from the magic pacifier now when it have him in it care. I am pretty sure it going to force him to put the thick diaper that he is wearing to some good use pretty soon.


Magic pacifier

Magic pacifierZulu was going through his old baby things when he picked up his old blue pacifier…

Dog Zulupup

Draw and text by Wen


Looks like Zulu regret that he decided to going through his old baby stuff now. Wounder how long this magic is going to last?

He sure look pretty surprised and i sure understand his reaction.

ChuckyBB bathroom Paci

ChuckyBB bathroom PaciThe Goblin paci is back… this time picking on ChuckyBB‘s Character, Kela… after finding it mysteriously in her bag. she examines it only to have it leap from her hand directly up into her mouth. as she involuntarily suckles her new binky, it exerts it’s will over her systems… she has her big girl panties turned into an infantile diaper, but not before having a few accidents darkening her jean shorts so everyone will see what she’d done when she leaves the stall…

with a few changing supplies manifesting inside her school bag, I don’t think the pacifier will be relinquishing it’s control over her or her faculties any time soon…

Kela ChuckyBB

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor Kela it sure seems like she have ended up in allot of trouble now when this magic pacifier have found here. And force here to lose all control over here bowel and bladder.