Diaperfur Comic: Mysterious Diaper

Mysterious DiaperOrder by Avarios

Draw by tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26397369/

Poor Veemon i sure he regret now that he decided to put this diaper on. It seems like that diaper package is loaded whit magic diapers that hypnosis you. I sure wounder what is going to happen whit poor Veemon now when the diaper have control over him. I sure would be very interesting to know what would happen next whit him. I sure think that the diaper is going to force him to use it.

Diaperfur Comic: padded pup vs bm page 2

Diaperfur Comic: padded pup vs bm page 2When all looks lost this diapered dog will be on guard no matter the rash decisions.

Draw and everything by yourfur

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26310509/

It sure seems like the superhero have some trick of his own that involve some special diapers. Looks like it is the thief now that have ended up wearing some stinky messy stuff. His diaper sure seems to be pretty well used around  midnight.

Diapers sure can be good to manage things and the superhero sure prove that :) Do you not agree on that?

But i sure hope that someone agree to change him soon. Otherwise he is going to ending up whit a pretty bad diaper rash from wearing that messy diaper for many hours.

Curiosity poofed the dog (page 1)

Curiosity poofed the dog (page 1)Silly Nick just spill a drink on his shirt and went to his room for a new one. Even tho his friend are waiting in the living room he get very curious about a diaper bag he never seen before. He just wanted a quick look before he go back to the living room…

He should have read the labels, especially the one thats says “Warning, their power grows with humiliation, do not give to sissies”

German shepherd and text by holz

Art by ZombiNeko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25304806/

Poor Nick it sure is to late to read the labels now when he already have open the package. I sure wounder what the diaper is going to do whit him.

The Sissies Portal

The Sissies Portal klonoap being assaulted by one of those pesky portal diapers, you know how that can be getting rammed by cock after cock lined up at the magic glory hole, having the diaper transform over your body into a sissy outfit.

The fox klonoap

Draw by jimmy_rumshot

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/24643680/

Poor klonoap looks like he have ended up meting a special diaper here.

The Lab incident

The Lab incidentI clearly remember that day.
I worked at the research department of my company back then.
However I wasn’t a scientist. My job was to recruit volunteers to test our newest products.
The latest invention of our scientists’ was the so-called “Self-sealing magic diapers”.
These completely automatic, smart diapers were the biggest technical achievement in
the history of the company.
You can imagine how disappointing it was when I couldn’t find anyone for the testing job.
The pressure on me was unbearable, I was about to lose my job.
On a Friday morning I was sitting in my office when someone knocked on my door.
A young wolf called Mystery-Flecky came in:

‘Good morning sir! I don’t know whether I’m at the right place, I would like to apply for the position of Accounting Assistant as advertised on your website.’

The accounting is in another building, I immediately realized that the guy got lost.
It was my last chance to keep my job. I answered as quick as a flash:

‘You’re hired.’


‘Congratulations. You’re hired.’

‘There was no job interview and I’m already hired?’

‘It’s not necessary. You’re the right person for the job. Let me show you your office.’

A few minutes later, we were standing in the middle of the product testing lab.
He started to get suspicious and asked:

‘Excuse me, this room doesn’t look like an office at all.’

All of a sudden I ran out of the room, and locked the door behind me. He had no chance to escape.
I heard him shouting something, but I didn’t care, I pushed the START button.
A second later all the diapers in the room came to life and gathered around the frightened wolf.
They ripped his clothes off and immediately took him in hand.
The experiment was successful, everything worked out as planned.
I was just about to go to the control panel to hit the Stop button, when I felt something between my legs. It was a nightmare came true!
Some of the diapers managed to escape through a crack under the door. They grabbed and held me down right away,
no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to reach the button.

For how many times I told the janitor to fix the goddamned door!!!

Furrys in this drawing Mystery-Flecky and Skelbely

Draw and story by Skelbely

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19707423/

Yes this magic diapers sure look special and some very thick diapers to. To bad for Skelbely the test room dont seems to be seal the right way so he have ended up like a test person to now. How should he manage to make it stop?