A Kept Man in Diapers Book 1 by Madeline De Hywis

A Kept Man in Diapers Book 1 by Madeline De HywisAlex, a successful business man, has been falling deeper and deeper under Fran’s spell. After meeting her in a bar over a month ago, she has slowly emasculated him in every way, drawing him into her life, and seducing him. A shaved man, Alex now wears a chastity tube, even his manhood lost to her. Now she has finally convinced him to use some of his vacation time to clean her house. Alex, although realizing his submissive nature, balks when he realizes that she has convinced him to do something else even more humiliating. Not only will he be kept at her home on his vacation cleaning while she’s away at work, but she convinces him to do it wearing diapers…

The first of a new series involving a female led relationship involving a submissive male in diapers.

More fantasy humiliation and femdom fun from Madeline De Hywis

A work of erotic fantasy fiction includes adult diapering, sexual situations, femdom related themes and intense humiliation.

No minors involved.

This is a new ABDL story from Madeline De Hywis

I going to order this book this weekend and read it. I bet it can be weary good and Madeline De Hywis is weary good on creating this storys.