Plushie love

Plushie loveThe cute dog furrychrome

Draw by PePechu


Aww it sure looks like furrychrome sure know how to show his love whit his plush bunny :)

This sure is super cute and they sure looks happy together.

First Kiss

First KissDraw and everything by Fen


This two sure looks so cute and happy together.

Looks like they have found there first love.

And i bet you have notes that the boy is wearing a Bambino Bellissimo diaper ;)

Wen love Chocolate

Wen love ChocolateThe very happy bunny wen

Draw by ConejoBlanco


Yes it sure looks like this bunny love to drink Chocolate milk :) Look how happy she is.

Pikachu snugs

Pikachu snugsFoxy have finely get his first Pokemon and it seems like it was love between them at first sight :)

They look so happy together and they sure going to be a good team :)

Draw by NazzNikoNanuke