Don’t. Spank. Your. Brother!

Don't. Spank. Your. Brother!One day following this incident:/2016/08/05/dont-break-my-toys/ the boys went to daycare for a few hours. While they were there Loupy got wind that Kyle had given Caiden a good spanking for breaking one of his toys. Not liking that one bit, Loupy decided to dole out some justice on Caiden’s behalf. While Kyle was at a craft table and not paying attention, Loupy pounced him and pinned him to the table. Loupy was older than Caiden and a little bit bigger in size than Kyle despite only being dressed in a disposable baby diaper. Loupy then pulled Kyle’s pants down and gave him a good spanking.

“Don’t. Spank. Your. Brother!” Lectured Loupy.

I’m sure Loupy won’t get away with spanking another cub in daycare. When will this spanking-ception end?!

Art by Nelson88

Story and wolf tugscarebear

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Looks like Kyle is going to taste his own medication and his butt is soon red and soar from the spanking.

Gentlepuppy 2(What happened next!)

Gentlepuppy 2(What happened next!)
Gentlepuppy 2(What happened next!).

Loupy is dressed for a wedding,he looks handsome and cute!And everyone in the wedding says “awww” and “cute”!

One of the guests by “accident” dropped her flower brooch, and she graciously asks Loupy if he can pick it up for her!And Loupy nodded graciously!….But something happened!

When Loupy bent down to pick the brooch, his dress unbuttoned and his pink diapered butt came into view of all!

Each guest said: “That’s cute”, “adorable”, “I loved what is written on his bottom!”,”Cute pink diaper!” and “Sissy boy!”

Loupy was in silence… only his flushed cheeks, said it all!^.^

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Cub: Loupy

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I can agree when something like this happen in the public is it weary embarrassing. But when it happens whit a little cute cub it make him or she even more cuter to look at. And i can agree that the bottom is weary cute so the text is on the right place for every one to see it right now.

The silly dancing boss

The silly dancing boss
The silly dancing boss

Based on the ultra popular song made by: Loupy. and in these nice and silly dancings. The famous song has touched someone very close to Matt!

Matt:”Where does that music come from? Seems to be coming from the boss’s room! I’ll take a look!”

And to Matt’s surprise, the boss was also dancing to the rhythm music of the song “the crinkle butt!”

Matt(giggling):”Oh gosh!You look so silly,boss!”

The boss:”Thanx to your pups! They made of me another fan of this silly song!And I’m wearing a new diaper that will soon be for sale!Do you like it?”

Matt:”I love it, especially the kisses on each of your cheeks!”

The boss:”What are you waiting for? Come with me and shake your backside, till hurts our paws!”

Lineart by Victor and another silly story/colors by nelson88

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Yes i can agree that the boss look kind of silly in this dance. Special when he have this kiss print on the back on his diaper but i hope that he have a fun dancing time.