Patient in diapers escaped from the hospital

One of the patients decided to escape despite the fact that he was almost naked.

I get the id for this post from the blog abysitter.

This is not something that you see every day. But it fas kind of cute to see the boy running down the street wearing only his diaper.

Mrfailsalot in Bambino Teddy

Mr.failsalot shed his wuff fur for baby skin bottom…back to the basics

Video and text by: buoymarker

What should i say about this video? Wounder if buoymarker have made this strange voice by himself or if someone have help him whit this? It sounds allot like some kind of smurf voice that have bean use in this video. But i most say that he look kind of cute in this Bambino Teddy diaper and that diaper have the right thickness that a baby boy need to have so the parents dont need to worry about any diaper leak for avail and that is always something good.