AB Universe LittlePaws Package Opening

Video uploaded and created by Pup’s Diapers

This looks to be one very cute and thick diaper :) The babyfur print on this diaper is super cute.

Soaked LittlePawz with a stuffer – diaperking


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This was one soggy LittlePawz diaper that we had here.

The morning droop is real


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Yes this baby boy sure have a big diaper droop this morning. That diaper that he have wake up whit look pretty wet to me. He must have had many accidents in the diaper this night.

Wetting LittlePawz diaper – Xtube

Pissing my padding powered by XTube

Wearing LittlePawz from ABU, I was ordered to have a ton of water then piss it out all at once.

Video and text above belongs to Paddedwulfpup

Yes he sure wet his LittlePawz diaper allot. It sure looks pretty heavy and soggy now when you released your big wet accident.

LittlePawz Now available for pre-order

LittlePawzProduct Description

Introducing adorable animals with “fade when wet” paw prints!
Featuring the same shell as ABU Space™ and Simple™, LittlePaws provides 5000ML of absorbency (the thickest and most absorbent diaper in the world) with an adorable animal print! Welcome back to the days of cuddling your favorite blankey and plushie!

Limit 1 case (qty 80 diapers) per customer until further notice!
Orders containing LittlePawz™ will ship on or before January 4th, 2016.

M: 28″-36″
L: 36″-46″
XL: 46″-56″

Source for the information and the place wear you can pre order the LittlePawz