Looks like my bedtime protection failed – littlebigott

Yes it sure seems like someone is in need of some thicker night time protection then the pull ups he is wearing now. It seems like they cannot keep up whit his wetting and starting to leak pretty bad :(

Poor thing he sure have woke up whit a pretty big wet spot around his padded butt :( I sure wounder what his mother is going to say about this?

Sleepy time after adventure in the park – BlankiePlush

After a couple off hours at the park playing it is time for a diaper change and heading back home. And like all others babyfur they almost instantly fall asleep. I only hope that he is going to have some nice dreams now.

Fun at the park whit Milano

Yes it sure looks like this little babyfur have a fun and exacting play time at the park :)

Time for some extra baby powder

Looks like daddy wont to give some cub some extra baby powder around there cute butts :)