Warlock is enjoying a good book

Warlock is enjoying a good book
Warlock is enjoying a good book.

I always wike a gudd book ba da pictures are upside downs?

Thank yew Tavi I wuv wuv wuv its *hugs and snugs*.

Warlock: Warlockfoxfire.

Draw by: tavimunk.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11668266/.

Yes it is always nice and fun to enjoying a good book together whit your plushy. But it seems like something is wrong here? You are reading the book upside down but you seems to enjoy it any way so it maybe dont is any sort of problem whit that so long that you are happy whit what you read and the pictures in your book thats all that really mates. And for the second i dont thing you can read yet so you maybe need to ask an adult or your caretaker if they can read this book for you. I bet that you have pick a weary good book that you love allot. But i bet you should like it even more if you had your pacifier whit you. way do you dont have your pacifier whit you? Have you lost it or something? Hard to say but i hope that is not the case.