Cute lion diaper butt

Aww what a cute little baby lion we have here and his diaper butt look so super cute to. I wont to give it allot of patting and tell him what a cute baby lion he is.

Kiburi-Lion sleeping lions

Kiburi-Lion sleeping lionslet sleeping lions…. well… let them sleep and be cute.

Lion: Kiburi-lion

Draw by catmonkshiro


What a cute lion. It seems like he have regress back to babyhood and he seems pretty happy about it to. I hope he have some nice sleep together whit his plushy and pacifier.

Kiburi-Lion silly regression

Kiburi-Lion silly regressionthe dangers of babysitting a cub with powers of regression… if she deems you a baby, you probably will be one shortly… as Kiburi-lion is discovering…

Order: Kiburi-lion

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


This seems to be a very bad babysitting job when the cub that you are babysitting have this sort of power. Now it seems like Kiburi-lion need to have a sitter to.

Not a Baby!

Not a Baby!There must be a mistake! I’m not a baby! I don’t need diapers!”

Lion: mwako

Draw by Wen


But if you are not a baby way did you then end up in this thick cute baby diapers? I dont think you parents think you are ready for bi boy pants yet.

This is some super cute diaper butt.

MasterLeo cozy wet diaper

MasterLeo cozy wet diaper
MasterLeo cozy wet diaper.

Lion: MasterLeo

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty


It seams that MasterLeo have get the cozy soggy diaper she always like to have. She always like to investigate and squeeze the diaper when it is wet. Some time have it even happen that she have broken the diaper because she have play whit the wet diaper little to match.  She like that sort of things allot the only problem is the adult that they change the diaper before i am finish or before it get really wet. It not that fun to need to start over again but at least it is fun to make the new diaper wet and MasterLeo dont need to wait a long time for that. But like we all know that diapers is made to handle this sort of things.

Playing Dress up

Playing Dress up
Playing Dress up

Ronald and Foxy was invite over to Leo for a party. but the did not know that it was a girl dress up party. So now the standing there blushing deep whit some cute dress and the diaper fully exposed. The can only hope that no friends found out about this.


Leo: masterleo

Foxy: abdl86

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Art: Launny

I would like to thank ronaldmccoon that order this wonderful cute drawing. I like it allot. The look on our face is so special. we are so embarrassed over this.

I think ronaldmccoon have so cute diaper butt and the diaper is so fully exposed when we wear this short dress :) But it should be more cute if the diaper we was wearing was pink. That should be something more to blush about.