Nala doing poop

Nala doing poopOrder by ?

Draw by furrychrome

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Poor Nala it sure seems like she have some problem to make some good use of here diaper. But it seems like having the paws on the rocks help pushing out the messy stuff into the waiting diaper the slowly is expending from the messy load.

Kiburi Baby drink

Kiburi Baby drinkalways best to read the labels before consuming…

The poor Lion Kiburi-Lion

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Aww that poor Lion bet he regretted now that he did dent redan the label before consuming that drink. The good thing is that he at lest is wearing a diaper already. The bad thing is that he going to be depending on diapers for a week now.

Poor blushing lion. He sure is cute when he treys to be a big boy and dont putt his diaper to some good use.

freespirittwo Facial expressions

freespirittwo Facial expressionsThe babyfur belongs to freespirittwo

Draw by Diapered-buns

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Awww poor thing it seems like freespirittwo did dent like that she needed to put here diaper to some good use here. Or maybe that messy but feels kind of uncomfortable for here. And i can sure understand that special if she ended up releasing a pretty big load into the diaper. But the good is that she seems to have found something other interesting. That put the focus away from here messy diaper butt :)

I sure wounder what have caught her attention?

Spread Open Buzzies

Spread Open BuzziesDone for a certain big polar lion who’s having to experience getting use to making diaper stickies for the first time, i think he’s liking it!

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Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot

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Maybe he likes it or not but the face tells me that he dont seems to like the special treatment he receive from the ghost. But i think he going to get use to it after a couple of times and maybe he even going to enjoy it to :)

I think something soon is going to explode inside that diaper ;)

Easter egg hunts are even more fun if it’s competitive!

Yes that sure can get the hunt for the easter egg any more interesting. And it sure looks like it is a good thing to wear a diaper. Because it sure looks like someone is going to be using his diaper pretty soon :) Good thing it is there if that happen during the tickling time :)

Stinky and she loves it!

Stinky and she loves it!because i felt like it and shes just too cute to not tease :p

The blushing messy lion leftlion

Draw and text by Charry

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Poor lion it sure seems like she have made a big messy accident in here diaper. Good thing the diaper manage to handle it :)