Lion King Presentation

Lion King PresentationIn one of Mike’s more spontaneous moments, he decided to present his newborn baby boy just like in the Lion King movie. His wife seems less than pleased and concerned that her husband is holding her firstborn.

Charterers and text belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Yes you can sure call this a Lion King presentation. It looks kind of funny and Kyle’s daddy sure seems to like the thing he come up whit. But his mother sure seems to be pretty worry and i can understand. You newer know what a little cub can be up to or if something bad happen.

Nala doing poop

Nala doing poopOrder by ?

Draw by furrychrome


Poor Nala it sure seems like she have some problem to make some good use of here diaper. But it seems like having the paws on the rocks help pushing out the messy stuff into the waiting diaper the slowly is expending from the messy load.

Thumb sucking Simba

Thumb sucking SimbaOrder by FoxyElixer

Draw by furrychrome


This sure is one cute Simba pose :)

He sure looks like a happy lion when he is sucking his thumb like that.

Simba sleeping

Simba sleepingOrder by

Draw by furrychrome


Yes it sure seems like Simba is having a nice time lying there in the grass sleeping and dreaming.

I hope he is dreaming something nice :)

Teenage Gambles

Teenage Gambles“yes mom, I will come, just need to finish this boss” he said

I was a maniac for gameboy and generally nintendo playing – sadly I got lion king fan later ;P

The cute diaperd lion MafunDi

Draw by wen


Looks like this teenage lion have decide to play some gameboy before sleeping. Good thing he is already wearing his night time diaper because it already seems like he have put it to some good use. Good thing it is thick so it can handle multiply wetting :)

Original “The Lion King” Trailer

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This trailer really bring back some old and good memory’s about this movie. I remember the cinema show it two separate time it was a weary big and popular movie but it is always something like that when it comes to Walt Disney. But i think it was something more special when it comes to The Lion King.

So if you wont to remember the old days this can be a good trailer to watch.

And i wont to send a special thanks to vhsclassic90s that have upload this trailer to Youtube.