The little doctor!

The little doctor!Looks like that one of Lynnyx’s plush is sick!This is according to this little doctor!Heee,heee!
And definitely his medical recipe will be…lots of *hugs*!

Order by fredvegerano

Draw by lincub


Yes even teddy bears can get sick then it is good that you have a plush doctor in the house that can do a full check up on the sick plush to find out whats wrong and how to threat him to cure the sickness. And the best medicine for a plush is to receive allot of nice and cozy hugs :)

I hope this doctor can find the right cure for this sick plushy.

5 minutes maybe

5 minutes maybe
I seriously have no idea what is it with this cub and puddles, not even sippy cups stand a chance…. =/

Draw and everything by Lincub


Giggle looks like this lion cub likes to have his diaper wet speciel when he decide to take the help by to sippy cup to make the diaper front wet.

Potty 101

Potty 101Fox: ?

Draw by Lincub


The good thing about diapers is that you dont need to stop reading when you need to pee or poo you can slowly empty it into the waiting diaper. And if you have someone that change you diaper when you need a new one you dont even then continue reading your book and let the caretaker handle the diapers change. Looks like this little Fox have a wonderful time right now. He seems to be very focus on reading that book right now or maybe he youst watching the pictures.

Issa Secret!

Issa Secret!
Issa Secret!.

Issa is going to be a bubblebutt!

Wolf: BabyCyanWolf.

Draw by: lincub.


Yes Issa is going to be a bubblebutt weary soon special whit all this shampoo that Issa have in the diaper now and coming to have. Wounder if she is going to empty all the shampoo in the diaper? Wounder what is going to happen when she wet it? And the most imported thing of all what are the mom is going to say about this when she found out what Issa have bean up to whit the shampoo bottle. Maybe she is going to spank Issa for this or maybe she is going to be place in a corner for a time out?

It should be weary nice to see what happens special whit the shampoo that is inside Issas diaper right now. I bet that should be something to see.