Snoof! I’m sure Ryder wasn’t expecting to get his rump snoofed when he playfully pounced me. Maybe he will learn his lesson about it, maybe he won’t ;3

Alex and text by LilFluffyAlex

Ryder © ryderkittenpants

Draw by tropicana


Giggle looks like someone love the smell of a wet diaper :)

It sure is one special smell.

First day of…. Kindergarten?

First day of.... Kindergarten?
Today is the day! Today is the day Alex starts kindergarten! …or maybe not, with thick diapers like those maybe its a good idea to hold her back in daycare. Maybe next year she will be ready to start. Though I doubt Alex will be mastering potty training anytime soon.

Alex and text belongs to LilFluffyAlex

Draw by wen


Awww poor Alex wounder what is going to happen? Is she going to be allow to start the Kindergarten or is it back to the daycare for here? But i think some of the kids is going to give here a hard time for still needs to wear diapers? Poor thing looks like the parents is going to have some hard time decide here whats is going to happen whit here.

Mischievous Skunk Butt

Mischievous Skunk ButtPotty? Why would I use the potty when I’ve got a perfectly good diaper. :3c alright who gets stuck with the duty of changing this smelly skunk butt Ha Ha Ha!

Alex and text belongs to LilFluffyAlex

Draw by Tropicana


Yes it sure seems like someone is going to have a special and stinky job to do. When it comes to changing this skunks diaper. She sure have one evil smile now during here diaper messing episode. Because she knows that someone is going to have one stinky job now when it comes to changing this skunks messy diaper.