Big diaper leak

Big diaper leakI hate when my diaper leak this match the floor get so wet and my mother dont like when my diaper leak this match either. This is the second time this day that my diaper have fail to handle my wet accidents.

Draw by: Diapered-buns

No the diaper is leaking – babymilestailsprowerandfriends



Looks like someone have end up whit a leaking diaper.

I peed again and again and again and

I peed again and again and again andI just couldn’t stop xD

Baby and draw bykratox

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It is easy to see that this little cute cub is a long way to get potty trained. He seems to have no control over his wet accident that he is having and even if he do where some thick diaper he seems to make them leak sometime.

Hope he have one that can change him into a clean and dry diaper now before it starting to leak more then it already have.

Naughty kitty

Naughty kittyOrder by: tucker199

Draw by emeritus_terciel

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Looks like this cubs is going to be put back into some thick diaper instead off this Pull-ups that can not handle his heavy flooding.

Foxys leaking diaper

Foxys leaking diaperWhat is happen ? suddenly Foxy feels something warm on the inside of his legs and it is some yellow liquid on the floor.

This is strange. Maybe i should go and talk to mommy.

Draw by Diapered-buns

Embarrassment By Catheter – Leo



Yes i bet that this was weary embarrassing when he found out that his diaper have leak this match.

It should be something to read the next post about this.