The Helpful Little Infant Bear Cub

The Helpful Little Infant Bear CubThe cute little bear cub digitz

Draw by Diegesis

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Aww looks like this cute little Bear decide to help out whit the diaper Laundry. That is weary nice and cute thing of him to do.

This sure is one cute drawing :)

The underwear sniffer!

The underwear sniffer!
The underwear sniffer!

As usual, Matt was picking up all the dirty clothes, to carry it into the washing machine, and the last piece of clothing that Matt took in his paws was a used undies belonging to Richard!

Matt:”This belong to my dad!I bet my dad have the most stinkiest butt of the world! And the only way to check is, smelling it all over!”

And Matt took in his paws his father’s dirty underwear and he began to smelled … *sniff**sniff**sniff*…!

Matt:”PHEWW!Very smelly!!*giggling*”

Richard:”What is so smelly, Matt?And can you tell me what are you doing too?”

Matt very nervously said:”Nothing, nothing!I’m just picking up the dirty clothes, I have to wash it now!”

Richard:”You will think I’m a fool?What you did was smelling my underwear!”

Matt:”It’s not what you think, Dad! Let me explain!”

Richard:”Silence! You’ll see what will happen to you!”

Poor Matt … being spanked , and with a smelly underwear all over his face as punishment!Lol!

Lineart by Victor/story and colors by nelson88.

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I think it is right of Richard to spanking Matt for this. It is not a good thing to goo around and sniff in your underwear like that. Underwear is made for you to wear them and then wash them when they are dirty.

What do you think? Do you Matt have deserve this toasted butt?