First Kiss

First KissDraw and everything by Fen


This two sure looks so cute and happy together.

Looks like they have found there first love.

And i bet you have notes that the boy is wearing a Bambino Bellissimo diaper ;)

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da regra 63, página 17

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da regra 63, página 17Draw and everything by Yure16


Wow it sure seems like the rabbit receive one massive punch in the face. Now can Yure finely use the boys potty to see if that will transform him back to a boy again. Do you think it will work?

Rockin’ SolarStar

Rockin' SolarStarSolarStar is rockin’ out with his guitar and KISS t-shirt.

Order ?

Draw and text by MarciMcAdam


This sure looks like an awesome badge and what a cool new way to use a pacifier :)

Surprise kiss

Surprise kissRonald love to surprise his best mate Foxy. And this time he surprise him during the sucking thumb time whit a hug and a kiss on his cheek to show Foxy how match he loves him and car for him.

And you most agree this is something weary cute. And something even more cute is Ronalds big and poofy diaper butt that he have.

When Ronald decided to surprise me like this like he most of the time do it always make me blush allot. And Ronald find this weary cute and sweet so thats is the reason way he do this all the time because he cannot resist it.

Ronald think that i am the best friend in the world

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty

Kiss my pull-ups, Ken

Kiss my pull-ups, Ken
Kiss my pull-ups, Ken.

Ken chases after Tough Heart bull onto the clouds for his nap, but the bull cub has
other plans.

The little bull tosses Ken around Care-O-Lot’s clouds and knocks him on his back.
Then the little bull stick his big boy pull-ups in Ken’s face for extra measure.

Cub: BlazeHeartPanther.

Draw by: Gloverboy23.


I bet this what not something nice for Ken to get force to smell the back of Tough Heart diaper. I only hope that Tough Heart diaper is clean or maybe you st wet. Could dont be so match fun to kiss or smell his messy diaper that close. But i think that Ken have earned this type of punishment he have bean a weary bad and naughty boy that have decide to chasing this cute care bears.

The silly dancing boss

The silly dancing boss
The silly dancing boss

Based on the ultra popular song made by: Loupy. and in these nice and silly dancings. The famous song has touched someone very close to Matt!

Matt:”Where does that music come from? Seems to be coming from the boss’s room! I’ll take a look!”

And to Matt’s surprise, the boss was also dancing to the rhythm music of the song “the crinkle butt!”

Matt(giggling):”Oh  gosh!You  look  so  silly,boss!”

The  boss:”Thanx  to your pups! They  made  of  me  another  fan  of  this  silly  song!And I’m wearing a new diaper that will soon be for sale!Do  you like it?”

Matt:”I love it, especially the kisses on each of your cheeks!”

The  boss:”What are you waiting for? Come with me and shake  your  backside, till hurts  our  paws!”

Lineart  by  Victor  and  another  silly  story/colors  by nelson88


Yes i can agree that the boss look kind of silly in this dance. Special when he have this kiss print on the back on his diaper but i hope that he have a fun dancing time.