“Ooop..hey! It’s not that funny!”

"Ooop..hey! It's not that funny!"As usual, Sirius’s tummy won’t give him a break, and causes a rather unexpectedly nasty accident while with his play date, and yes, it had to happen so soon after a diaper change! Freezing in place for a moment, with Kin giggling madly, he plots his next moves…which end up being some cautious steps forward to the next room and a tug on Dad’s shirt. On the bright side, his tummy wasn’t feeling sore anymore…

The cute cubs in this drawing Kinnyfox and Sirius_Babyhound

Text by Sirius_Babyhound

Draw by emeritusterciel

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22805959/

Poor Sirius i sure hope now when you have release this big stinky mess into you diaper your tummy is going to give you that break that you was looking for. To bad it happen so soon after a diaper change. Now you are going to need another change.

You sure have ended up whit one stinky and loaded diaper butt now.

It’s…it’s not that funny!

It's...it's not that funny!The cubs are siriusbabyhound and kinnyfox

Draw by emeritus_terciel

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20639079/

Poor dog it sure looks like that you really make a big mess in your diaper this time. Look how brown your diaper butt are and i agree your friend should not laugh at you because of this. But maybe during your messy release you made some funny farting sound?

You sure need to waddling to your mommy and ask if she could change you.