Baby carrots baby bunny 4

Baby carrots baby bunny 4KennKyubi might have his work cut out for him convincing anyone of that statement…

The poor bunny KennKyubi

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

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Awww poor bunny it seems like he think that he still is a big boy but the state of his body say something else. At least he is wearing a thick diaper that can absorb most of the hit from the floor. Some time it sure can be a good thing to have a thick diaper butt :) You are always sitting on something soft and cozy even if the chair or floor is hard.

Baby carrots baby bunny 3

Baby carrots baby bunny 3His shorts drop to his knees, revealing that he’s not just going into bunny mode… but a younger version as well… complete with pampers! he has to get a handle on this fast!

Order by KennKyubi

Draw by catmonkshiro

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He sure needs to get the transformation handle before it is to late. If it is not that already.