Toilet Trouble

Toilet TroubleI hope their toilet never gets fixed.

Order and text by hooligans87

Draw by sir-dancalot


Yes it sure seems like Virizion, Keldeo and Cobalion its going to have some big problem when the toilet is getting fix. This three Pokemon sure know how to put there diapers to some very good use. Look how messy and heavy this diapers seems to be. They sure needs to start thinking about to changing there pretty used diapers before the diaper start to leak.

It sure going to be taking a pretty long time to clean up there diaper aria when they finely decided that it is time for a diaper change. It sure going to be a pretty messy and stinky time when they finely decide for doing that task.

Keldeo sure seems to be pretty happy that he is allowed by Virizion to put his pull ups to some pretty good use and release one stinky messy load. The only one thats not happy about that is Cobalion.

Ricky plays with his new toy

Ricky plays with his new toypichuboy who asked for a commission of his chubby self playing with a toy – but I don’t think he imagined it being a rocking keldeo x3

Ricky pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90


Looks like Ricky is very happy about his new toy. Now he have something new to play whit and that is always fun :)