Thick Diapies

Thick Diapies Lilly is in her new thick diapers and she is so happy about it :)

The Kangaroo belongs to lillilly

Draw and above text by ConejoBlanco


Yes it sure seems like Lilly is one happy Kangaroo now when she is able to wear this thick and comfy diaper :)

Photog Bouncer

Photog Bouncerbounce bounce bounce

The badge is order by lilbooga

Draw and above test by Reva_the_Scarf


It looks to me that lilbooga wont to be a photographer when he grows up :) I hope he manage to get some nice photo shoots today :)

Reward For BlooRoo

Reward For BlooRooThe kangaroo belongs to Bloo_Roo and is draw by SugarMable


Awww looks like someone is taking a nice little nap time on the floor. He sure look super cute :)

Onesie problem

Onesie problem

Please, help him to put his onesie again.

Draw and everything by ozzybear


Awww poor thing someone have ended up whit one kind of problem here :( Maybe the diaper is to thick for his onesie to handle?

Nap time again

Nap time againPoor Bloo. He gets so excited and so bouncy that, after a while, he just sputters out and flops for a nap where ever he is. In the middle of legos, watching TV, pretty much anywhere.

The cute sleeping Kangaroo belongs to Bloo_Roo

Draw by SugarMable


Yes Bloo sure seems to be pretty sleepy. But it sure seems like he have a good nap time on the floor :) And i think his mother is going to move here sleeping cub to a more softer spot when she find him sleeping on the floor.

But i sure hope that he have some nice dreams :)

Hazardous Delivery

Hazardous DeliveryOh dear, someone really should have placed a bio-hazard warning on this particular delivery!

The Kangaroo belongs to lilbooga

Draw and text by Diegesis


Looks like this stork have a stinky messy diaper to change. Poor stork it seems like the diaper is pretty stinky. But it seems like the stork dont have any spare diapers :(