Seeya After Work – that-little-foxy


Aww poor Kangaroo it sure seems like he is going to be ending up whit one very special day here.

A wild Pamperoo Appears!

A wild Pamperoo Appears!He uses bedroom eyes, its super adorable

Commission done for Darth of their roo being all coy with their goo goo gaga play, just like a every Roo.

The happy playing kangaroo belongs to Darth

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot

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It sure seems like someone have a fun playtime in the nursery.

Well if you are set on being stinky

Well if you are set on being stinkyKinky pediatrician for destructionn and sissyroo

Draw and text by Charry

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Poor Kangaroo i wonder how long time he is going to be force to smell the stinky diapers that is loaded in that diaper pail? It sure most be a pretty nasty experience to be that close to it.

It even seems like you have made a fresh stinky messy diaper. That soon is going to be ended up inside that diaper pail loaded whit allot of stinky use diapers. But someone sure need to empty the pailbecause it sure seems to be pretty loaded whit stinky diapers now.

I think this sure can cure most rebellious boys.

New Bed-Time Attire

New Bed-Time AttireLooks like Javi here has been having some nighty-time problems lately, “fortunately” his parents saved the young teenager’s diapers when he was just a little joey, so his bed will be kept safe tonight!

The poor kangaroo belongs to JaviRoo

Draw and text by Diegesis

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Poor Javis it sure looks like he have some trouble to keep his bed all dry and clean special of you look at his bedwetting calender’s beside him. And i am sure that he is not so happy to have it there to remind him about his problem to keep his bed dry.

I hope he manage to regain control over his bladder soon.

Mogg’s new momma!

Mogg's new momma!Poor Mogg Looks like your going home in a diaper. WHOOPS.

Order by Mogg

Draw and text by gaia1234

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From the look of it this kangaroo seems to have some special powers and have decided to regress this mouse back to baby hood. It even seems like he already have put his new diaper to some good use.

Maybe mother kangaroo need to change him again.

Big Floof

Big FloofNorris the Softhearted

Master Floofymancer and self-proclaimed “best babysitter in the land”

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo

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Looks like Norris have found a fussy little baby boy to handle. Wounder if it is a magic pacifier that this boy have been forced to suck on?

It sure seems that Norris soon is going to have one happy baby boy when this pacifier is finish whit him :) And he is not going to have any memories left when it comes to his big boy life.