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Snug and secure

Snug and secure Oh my… It looks like Tupi and his boyfriend Rezio, got themselves in some seriously babyish and embarrassing trouble yet again! But actually, it seems like someone has “helped” them to end up like this – put in thick, puffy diapers covered by bright, warmy snowsuits and snuggly secured in baby carseats with 3-point straps squeezing their chubby tummies. Then a pair of padded, slippy mitties to make sure they don’t fiddle around the buckles too much and finally, their very favorite pacifiers fitted with special holders, so they don’t “accidentally” fall out of their muzzles. The “babies” are ready for a veeeery long trip!
It seems like they’re kind of shy, though – Rezio is squirming and kicking his legs, making crinkling noises, while his raccoon boyfriend is trying to somehow figure the buckle out – but let’s be honest, both escape plans look equally hopeless and the boys will remain helplessly snug and secure in their cute carseats for the whole trip!

Draw and everything by KaaLover

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20345752/

Yes this two cubs sure looks secure for there car trip and it dont seems like they can do anything about it. Wounder what sort of place they are going to be tacking to? They sure look worry about the situation they have ended up in.


A nighttime, though still very intense “nuzle” with my foxy <3
All bundled up in our plushy, babyish sleepers, laying in a soft and squishy crib x3 The whole nursery gently illuminated by the soothing glow of a Snapper-styled Nightlight™, placed next to a changing table richly stocked with thickest and puffiest diapers that, of course, we’re both wearing under our comfy sleepers… <3

Draw and everything by KaaLover

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18839684/

Aww looks like this two cute cubs have a nice and wonderful time together hugging.

Babyfur Comic: Dr. Snapper page 1 and 2

Dr. Snapper page 1“Go to Dr. Snapper” they said… “He’s the best doctor” they said…

Draw and everything by KaaLover

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18163391/

Dr. Snapper page 2Draw and everything by KaaLover

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18163400

This was kind of special treatment this two seems to have receive but they looks super cute in there clean thick diapers that the doctor have made them where now.

Changing time

Changing time
Looks like someone needs his diaper change :3 Rezio is a bit shy and squirmy, so he got mittened and strapped to the changing table, so he is all safe and cozy while Tupi puts on a fresh diapy on his butt :3

Draw and text by: KaaLover

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16051168/

Docent look like Rezio wont to have a new diaper or maybe he think that he dont need one. Good thing that he have a nice friend like Tupi that can help Rezio get his fluffy thick diaper when he dont know what is best for him.

He look so cute when he is bonded on the changing table whit the thick diaper expose like that. It really make him look like a cute little baby.

He need to learn to relax it is no other way he is going to be diapered which he wants to or not.

Wild diaper appears

Wild diaper appears
Wild diaper appears.

I am not sure who is the raccoon in this one but i think it is KaaLover.

Draw by: KaaLover

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12249724/

It look like the wild diaper is trying to chapter this raccoon wounder if it going to succeed whit it or no. That should be a nice drawing to see.

This is the first time i have herd about something like a wild diaper. Wounder how something like that should be if it was real.

Kaalover is strapped down in a car seat

Kaalover is strapped down in a car seat
Kaalover is strapped down in a car seat.

Order by: kaalover.

Draw by: tato.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11796684/.

Awww it look like this Fox is happy that he have found a new raccoon friend to play whit that he need to have his video camera to film this special and fun moment. kaalover dont look so happy to be strapped down in this car seat whit a thick and poofy diaper and a big pacifier that he is force to suck on. But what should he have to say any way ? If he need to use the potty he wear a thick diaper that can handle any thing that he release into it and that is what a diaper is made for.

Wounder who have strapped him down in this car seat form the start? Maybe it is his mother or a caretaker that haw don this. I bet the reason is that they have some imported things that they maybe need to do and after all hi have his pacifier and wearing a thick diaper so they have nothing to worry about. But i bet they are going to be back soon to check on him and maybe give him his baby bottle whit baby formula so kaalover dont need to be hungry. It is not so fun thing when you tummy feels so empty and screaming for some food.