Jody’s New Job Chapter 14

Story is written by neverdry

Kim stood over Jody, watching her sleep. It was 8am. Kim gently placed her hand down onto the front of Jody’s bulging diaper. A couple soft pokes and Kim could tell, Jody had soaked her diaper during the night. Kim placed her hand on Jody’s shoulder. “Time to get up baby.”

Jody stirred and then slowly opened her eyes. She smiled when she focused on Kim’s face.

“Good morning sweetie. Did you have a good sleep?” Kim asked.

Jody nodded her head. Kim placed her hands under Jody’s arms and lifted up, out of bed, resting her on her hip. “Let’s get some breakfast and then we can get you ready for your first day.”

Jody rested her hand on Kim’s shoulder and let Kim carry her out in the kitchen. Susan was sitting, drinking her first cup of coffee. She look up and smiled as Kim carried Jody towards her.

“Good morning baby girl.” Susan said.

Kim waited for Susan to push her chair out and then transferred Jody onto Susan’s lap. Susan placed her hand under Jody’s diapered bottom and gave it a few pats. Susan could tell right away that her little girl had proven once again, she was not interested in using the potty. Susan bounced Jody a couple times on her lap.

Jody paid no attention to the fact that she had soaked her diaper during the night. The first bounce on Susan’s lap made her smile.

“Are you excited to start your new job?” Susan asked.

Jody pulled her head up and away from Susan. “I am.”

“I thought you would be.” Susan said, and then gave Jody another little bounce.

Kim returned with a plate. Toast and strawberry jam, cut up into eight small slices was placed in front of Jody.

Jody turned away from Susan and looked at the toast and jam. She reached out to take one of the small pieces.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Jody?” Susan cooed.

Jody’s hand stopped just before she reached the toast. She brought it back towards her and  up towards her mouth. Jody’s index finger went between her lips. She turned back toward Susan.  Jody looked so cute with her finger in her mouth, Susan had no choice but to smile and even let out  a little laugh.

Kim had returned standing beside Jody and Susan holding onto a pink bib.

“I forgot. I’m sorry.” Jody said softly.

Susan pulled Jody in for a light hug. She patted her diapered bottom a few times. “That’s okay baby.”

Once Susan let Jody sit back up on her lap, Kim  pulled the bib over Jody’s head. “Okay, eat up honey.”

Jody pulled her finger out of the mouth and reached for the toast and jam. The jam was so sweet and tasted great. In no time Jody had almost finished it all.

“Kim, there is a cup in the fridge for Jody.” Susan half turned to say.

Kim opened the fridge and picked up the pink sippy cup. She brought it over to and handed it to Susan. Jody was on her last piece of toast. Once Jody finished, Susan held up the sippy cup to Jody’s mouth. “Here honey, a drink for you.”

Jody opened her mouth and the plastic spout went in. Jody began to suck in  the half orange juice, half water. Jody’s both hands went up to the cup and Susan let go. Slowly, Susan made Jody lean back so that her head was resting on Susan’s shoulder. Gently, Susan pulled Jody’s legs across her lap. Jody was now  lying across Susan’s lap, sucking on her sippy cup, holding it with both hands. Susan looked down at her little girl. ‘A bottle is not  far in the future’ she thought.

Jody felt so relaxed and did not have a care in the world. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so good. It seemed that all her cares and  worries were no where to be found. Jody was so comfortable, she didn’t feel herself adding more wetness to her diaper.

Kim watched and smiled at Susan. Susan returned the smile. Kim let Susan enjoy her moment with Jody and waited until Jody had finished all of her juice.

Kim stood beside them. “I think its time to get your bum changed and get you ready for work.”

Jody opened her eyes and sat up. Still holding onto the sippy cup. She placed the empty sippy cup on the table and then giggled.

“What’s so funny honey?” Kim asked.

Jody’s finger went back up to her mouth and she giggled again. “Nofing.” Jody thought it was funny Kim said, ‘bum change’. She had never heard that before.

“Okay then.” Kim reached out and picked Jody up off of Susan’s lap. She set her on her hip and bounced her a couple times. Kim walked Jody into the bedroom and stood her on the floor. Jody’s finger was still in her mouth.  Kim took a step back and looked down at her.  After a few seconds Kim bent down and unzipped Jody’s pj’s. She pulled Jody’s arms out and then had her step out of them. Jody stood in nothing but a very wet, sagging diaper. Jody with her finger in her mouth, looked very much like a tall toddler.

Kim went and got Jody’s  romper and placed it on the change table. She took her time getting things ready to change Jody. Kim loved how Jody stood still and look on as Kim was getting things together.

“Okay baby. Up you go.” Kim picked Jody up and placed her on the change table.

Jody still had not taken her finger out of her mouth. It wasn’t  like Jody was sucking on her finger, but Kim couldn’t resit.  Kim slowly reached up and pulled Jody’s finger out of her mouth. She bent it down carefully,  making  Jody’s hand into a fist. She pulled Jody’s thumb away from her fist and placed it on her lip. “Does it make you feel better to have something in your mouth honey?” Kim asked.

Jody had not put her finger in her mouth on purpose. She really had no idea that she had been doing that, this morning. Jody pulled her thumb away, just a little bit. “I don’t know.”

Kim placed her hand on Jody’s and guided her thumb back to Jody’s lip. “It’s totally fine honey. I bet it makes you feel more relaxed.” Kim pushed Jody’s thumb past her teeth and held it there. “Just close your mouth honey.”

Jody closed her mouth, wrapping her lips around her thumb.

“I bet that feels good.” Kim said. Kim stuck her thumb out and placed it, into her mouth. She started to suck her thumb, trying to get Jody to do the same. Kim pulled her thumb out after 30 seconds or so.  “It does feel good, doesn’t it?” Kim placed her thumb back in.

Jody watched as Kim stood over her with her thumb in her mouth. KIm looked like she was enjoying having her thumb in her mouth.  Jody gave her thumb a little suck and then another. It did feel good. Jody nodded her head up and down.

Kim pulled her thumb out of her  mouth. “Thats  right honey. It feels so good. You can put that thumb in there anytime you like. Okay?”

Jody’s head nodded up and down again. She was getting into a rhythm now and she was feeling great. Why had she never down this before. It felt very relaxing.

“You’re  such a good girl Jody. You’re just the cutest girl I ever saw.”

Kim quickly noticed  a smile from from behind Jody’s hand and she kept talking. “Yes you are. You’re so cute.” Kim said, in a sing-song voice. “Now, lets get that little bum of yours changed.”

Jody was so content and happy. It was like she had just found a new best friend.  Jody closed her eyes and concentrated on sucking. She did not even flinch when Kim used a cool baby wipe on her.

Susan was on her second cup of coffee and was watching Kim and Jody. Something stirred in Susan when Kim placed her thumb in her mouth. Her face quickly  went closer to her phone, watching her girlfriend suck on her thumb. Something about seeing Kim with her thumb in her mouth made Susan excited beyond anything she had felt before. Susan’s hand went down between her legs and without thinking, she started to massage her private part. Susan had the quickest and most intense orgasm she had ever had. She leaned back in her chair. She could feel that her panties were wet. She needed to change. Susan slowly got up and went to her bedroom.

Story is written by neverdry

Jody’s New Job Chapter 13

Story is written by neverdry

“You’re not sleeping already, are you?” Kim said, as she set the diaper and baby powder down.

Jody opened her eyes. She was of course, not sleeping. Jody was trying to find a way to tell Kim she didn’t need a diaper, but her thoughts always came back to the big, scary potty.  “No. Not sleeping.”

“That’s good. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on your ice cream.” Kim said, as she puled the towel away from her. Kim picked up the diaper and slowly unfolded it. “Are you ready for a nice dry comfortable diaper?”

Jody looked at the diaper being unfolded. In the back of her mind she knew she should be saying ‘NO’. She should be screaming ‘NO’ for that matter, but she couldn’t.

Kim held the diaper out. “You’re not thinking of using that scary potty, are you?”

Instead of screaming ‘NO’ to the diaper, she screamed “NOOO” to using the potty.

Kim smiled. “I didn’t think so. It’s much better to have  a nice comfortable diaper on your little bum, right? Something you should have been wearing all a long. Isn’t that right?”

Jody’s thoughts jumbled. A memory came to her from working in the factory. She had  soaked her pants before she could get to the bathroom, not all that long ago.  She had  to change without anyone noticing. Which was, very hard to pull off. She has  always had a feeling that the one girl noticed, but she never said a word about it. Which, Jody was grateful for. Jody’s mind finally gave in. She didn’t want to think about that big, scary potty any longer or wet pants for that matter.  She hated the amount of fear and stress that came over her, when she thought about it. She wanted that gone. Jody lifted her head up, off the change table. “Yes. I think maybe I should have been.”

Kim was not ready for that answer. It took her a little by surprise. She was delighted to hear it, but was not excepting it at all. She hesitated for a few seconds before getting right at diapering her little girl. Kim took Jody by the ankles and lifted her bum up off the table. “You just let Mommy and Mama  look after you. Okay?” Kim said, as she slid the diaper under Jody. Kim took the baby powder and sprinkled it on Jody’s privates and bottom. “This will make sure you stay nice and comfy all night.” Kim cooed.

Jody smelt  the baby powder has soon as Kim opened the bottle. She had not smelt baby powder for a very long time. She couldn’t remember the last time she might have. As Kim rubbed the powder around her bum, Jody found it soothing. Jody even let out a little giggle as Kim gently bushed across her private parts.

Kim looked down at Jody when she giggled. Taking the hand with powder on it she began to tickle Jody’s ribs. “Are you ticklish baby?”

Jody giggled more and more as Kim kept at it. “Yes. Stop.” Jody said, now laughing uncontrollably.

Kim  was having fun and soon Jody had baby powder all over her stomach. Jody would be smelling like a baby for the rest of the night, maybe longer. Kim laughed along as Jody laughed louder and tried to roll, to get away. “I think my baby girl is very ticklish. Isn’t she.”

“Yes. Stop. Stop.” Jody pleaded.

“Do you want Mommy to stop tickling you?”

“Yes. Stop it Mommy.” Jody said, without thinking she had just called Kim, Mommy.

Kim finally stopped tickling and quickly, as Jody was still laughing, pulled the diaper up between Jody’s legs and fastened it tightly around her waist. Kim gave another tickle and then picked Jody up off the change table. Jody was almost in tears when Kim hoisted her up, sitting her on her hip.

Kim held out her hand and made like she was going to tickle once again. “Is the tickle monster done?” Kim said, as she moved her hand back and forth.

“Yes. No more.”

“I don’t think so.” Kim gently tickled Jody as she walked her out of the bedroom.

Jody was laughing and telling Kim to “Stop”, but Kim kept going until they were out in the kitchen.

“Someone is a happy girl.” Susan said.

“We have a little girl, who is very ticklish.”

“Is that right. Let me see.” Susan said, holding out her arms.

Kim placed laughing Jody into Susan’s arms. She then turned and walked back into Jody’s bedroom.

Susan set Jody on her hip and began to tickle Jody in the same fashion Kim had been.

“Stop. Please stop.” Jody got out amongst her laughter.

Susan let her hand down and bounced Jody on her hip. Jody was just giggling now. “I love to see you laugh and smile honey.”

Jody giggled a couple more times. She was worn out form all the laughing she had done. Jody rested her head on Susan’s shoulder as she was bounced.

Susan walked around, gently bouncing Jody on her hip.  Jody wearing only her diaper and smelling of baby powder, Susan grinned and  never wanted it to stop.

Kim returned with pyjamas in hand. The pj’s were one piece. Shorts and short sleeves that have  a zipper running up the front. “Let’s get you in these before you get cold.” Kim said, holding them up.

Susan didn’t want to let go of Jody. She was very much enjoying holding her diapered little girl. Susan bend down letting Jody’s feet hit the floor. Susan watched as Jody toddled over to Kim. Her diapered bum swaying back and forth.

Kim held out the one piece garment. Jody carefully picked up her left foot and Kim placed her foot in. Then her right foot. Kim pulled the pj’s up and feed Jody’s arms through. As Kim pulled up the zipper on the front, the pyjamas tightened around Jody’s thickly diapered bum.

“Ice cream?” Kim asked.

Jody looked up at Kim. “Yes please.”

Kim picked Jody up and placed her in her chair. Susan went and got a bowl and filled it with ice cream. She also got a half a glass of chocolate milk. Kim retrieved Jody’s bib and placed around Jody’s neck.

Jody on her knees took her spoon and started in on the bowl of ice cream. Kim and Susan watched there diapered little girl with glee.

Jody finished her ice cream and her chocolate milk. Susan knew that the chocolate milk would have Jody getting sleepy in a short amount of time. Kim used a wash cloth on Jody’s hands and face. She removed the bib and held it up.

“Good job sweetie. Did you enjoy your ice cream?”

“It was good.” Jody replied.

Kim set the bib down and picked Jody up, setting her on her hip. “A little TV before bed?”

Jody rested her head on Kim’s shoulder and let Kim carry her out to the living room.

Kim left Jody on her lap and reached out for the remote. She started Dora from the beginning. Jody moved around a little and finally got comfortable. Kim started patting Jody’s diapered bum and before the first episode finished, Jody was sound asleep. Kim waited for the second episode to finish before taking her little girl into the bedroom and placing her in her bed. Jody never moved or made a sound.

Story is written by neverdry

Jody’s New Job Chapter 12

Story is written by neverdry

They had pizza delivered many times and the delivery girl knew to come up the back stairs. She knocked on the door.

Kim was back sitting on the couch watching Jody colour. When she heard the knock on the door, she quickly stood and went to Jody. “Pizza is here.”

Jody set her black marker down and got to her knees. Kim bent down and picked her up, setting her on her hip. “You’re doing a great job honey.” she said, before walking out to the kitchen.

Jody looked down at all the work she had done. She didn’t  have to much more to go and she would be finished. She let Kim pick her up and when her diapered bum rested on Kim’s hip, Jody felt the wet diaper push up against her bottom.

Susan was paying the young delivery girl when Kim walked into the kitchen with Jody on her hip. The delivery girl looked up. She was not expecting to see a little girl. “Ohh.Hello.” she said.

Kim walked right up to her. When Jody saw the young girl, she became very aware of the diaper around her waist.  “Hello. Here let me take the pizza.” Kim said, extending her arm.

The young girl handed the pizza to Kim. She had babysat many times and had never seen a diaper like the one that Jody was wearing. It was not Pampers or Huggies that was for sure. Kim took the pizza and placed it on the kitchen counter. Then took Jody to her chair. Jody had buried her head into Kim’s  shoulder after seeing the young girl. She let Kim place her in the chair. Jody kept her head down, looking at the animals on her diaper.

Susan paid and the young girl went to walk out. Just before she got to the the first step, she turned back around. Susan was holding the door and was about to close it, when the delivery girl said, “If you happen to need a babysitter, I would be available.”

Susan stepped a little closer.  “You babysit?”

“Yes. When I’m not delivering pizza. I’m trying to save money for college next year.”

Susan thought for a few seconds. “We may need one in the future. Could I get your name and number?”


Susan stepped back and held the door open. The young girl came back in. Susan went and grabbed a pen and pad of paper. She handed it to her. The young girl wrote out her name and phone number. She handed it back to Susan.

“Mary Monroe.” Susan read off the pad. “Thank you Mary. I’m not sure how soon it will be, but I will give you a call.”

“Okay, thanks.” Mary said, turning and walking down the stairs.

Susan closed the door and set the pad and pen back on the counter. She walked over to the kitchen table. “How is your project coming Jody?”

Jody slowing looked up. The delivery girl was gone. Thank god. “Uhmm. Good. I’m almost finished.”

“That’s great. You sure are a hard worker! You can finish it, after supper.”  Susan said, as she ruffled Jody’s hair.

Jody smiled at that. She had worked hard. Maybe this was just a little test that Dr. Wells was giving her. Maybe, she just wanted to see how she worked. That made sense. She was going to be working for Dr. Wells, starting tomorrow. “Thanks.” she said, proudly.

Susan sat down and Kim brought the pizza and garlic bread over, sitting it in the middle of the table. Kim opened both boxes. She took out a piece of garlic bread and placed it on Jody’s plate. Jody picked up the bread and was just about to take a bite. Something happened and Jody became worried and her hand shock a little.   She looked down at her t-shirt. She was afraid of spilling something on it. She set the bread back down. She looked at Kim. She didn’t know what to say, so she just pointed at  her t-shirt.

“Ohhh. I’m sorry honey. I forgot.” Kim went and grabbed the pink bib. She returned and tied it around Jody’s neck. “Scared you might spill? Thank you for reminding me.”

Once the bib covered Jody’s shirt, she relaxed. “Yes.”  The fear of spilling seemed to disappear. She picked up her bread and took a bite. Jody on her knees, resting her diapered bum on her heels enjoyed the garlic bread. Taking a drink of water, after finishing her bread, making sure to use both hands to pick up the plastic cup, her bladder released. Jody set her cup down and looked down at her diaper. No thought of using the potty entered her mind this time. She looked up at Kim, then Dr. Wells. Should she say something about being wet? Maybe, but how? Should she  just come out and say it? As she was having this argument with herself,  Kim placed a piece of pizza on her plate. It was not like her diaper was uncomfortable, so was there really any reason to bring attention to the fact she was wet? Maybe, after she was done eating, she would say something. She picked up her pizza and continued to eat.

Susan thought about the study she had read. She could tell that Jody become scared to eat without her bib. She could tell by her actions. Susan wondered if she was giving Jody too much medication. Jody had wet her diaper earlier and had not said a word about it. She would love to find out, how Jody’s thought process was working. It seemed that the fear of the potty or spilling was over taking over. Was she just doing what ever she could to stop the fears from entering her mind? Susan figured she should start writing down her observations. It might come in handy later on.

Kim noticed Jody looking down at her diaper when she placed the pizza on her plate. She smiled, knowing a diaper change would be coming soon and she could hardly wait.

Jody ended up eating three pieces of pizza and another piece of garlic bread. She had drank two cups of water and was feeling very full.

“Would you like ice cream for dessert?” Susan asked.

Jody placed her hand on her belly. “I’m full. I don’t think I could eat anymore.”

Susan smiled as Jody rubbed her belly. She looked so cute wearing her Dora bib and diaper. “After then. You want to go back to your project?”

“Yes.” Jody said, really wanting to get back to finishing up her work.

“Okay.” Susan stood and walked behind Jody. She untied her bib, placing it on the table. She took Jody’s hand and helped her off her chair. Once Jody was standing on the floor, Susan did not need to check her diaper, as she could see that it was very wet now. “Let’s wash your face and hands before you go back to your project. We wouldn’t want it to get ruined.”

Jody let Dr. Wells led her to the kitchen sink. Susan wet a cloth and cleaned Jody’s face and hands. “Okay. We will be out there shortly. Have fun.”

Jody  waddled towards the family room. Her wet diaper moved back and forth more then before. She stopped after a few steps. She turned and was going to say something about her wet diaper, but she couldn’t  find the words. She became nervous and quickly put her head down. She turned back around and waddled quickly towards the family room.

Kim and Susan watched as Jody waddled away. Her diaper noticeably wet. They looked at each other. Susan waited for Jody to get into the family room before saying, “I think our little girl needs a diaper change.”

“Should I go change her?”

“She is going to need a bath after that poppy pull-up earlier. Let her finish colouring.”

“She is going to be upset about going into the bathroom and seeing the potty.”

Susan giggled, “Okay, I will tell you why I got her to colour on that box. I figured if we put that up around the potty, then she would have no problem going in for a bath.”

Kim looked stunned. “Oh my god! What a great idea Susan!”

“I thought so.” Susan said, still giggling a little. “Every once in a while, I believe it might get moved, just to remind her of the big scary potty.”

“That’s such a good idea. When did you come up with that?” Kim asked.

“I just thought about it when you went to wake her up from her nap.”

“Well, you’re brilliant.” Kim said, moving  towards Susan and giving her a big hug and kiss. “I think I will go back out and watch over our little girl.” Kim turned and walked towards the family room.

Jody was colouring away when Kim returned to the couch. Jody never heard Kim come in. She was too busy working on her project, trying to get in finished. After all that has happened, she at the least could show Dr. Wells, she was a good worker.

Susan cleaned up the kitchen and went back out with Kim. It was not long after that that Jody pushed herself to her knees and looked over her picture. The red farm house and red barn looked good. The many cows in the green field might be a little oversized, but Jody thought it looked great. After looking it over one last time she turned around and with excitement in her voice she said, “I’m finished.”

Kim and Susan stood and walked over. They both looked down at the picture. It wasn’t to bad. Not sure if anyone would ever thing a adult had done it, but that was okay. After the delivery girl asked if they needed a babysitter, they were not to worried about anyone thinking Jody was a adult anyway.

Susan was the first to speak. “That is really, really good Jody.”

“It is really good.” Kim added.

Jody was happy. She grinned and felt very proud. “Thank you. It was fun.”

Susan knelt down and picked Jody up onto her feet. Her diaper sagged. “You stay here with Kim and wait for me to call you, Okay.”


Susan picked up the big box and took it away. Jody watched closely as Dr. Wells and her picture disappeared, wondering what was going on.  Jody looked up at Kim. Kim knew where Susan was going and figured this was a good time to see how Jody would react to a diaper check. Kim bent down and placed her hand on the front of Jody’s diaper.

“I think you need a diaper change sweetie.”

Jody lowered her head and said nothing.

“That’s okay sweetie. It’s much better then using that big scary potty, isn’t?

Jody nodded her head slowly. It was hard to admit, but some how, some where in her thoughts,  it was much better.

“I know. You just let Dr. Wells or myself look after your diaper. You have been such a good girl all day. You never once, asked for anything. We like that.”

Jody was a little worried Kim might be upset. After all she was wearing a very wet diaper. Jody lifted her head up. “I…didn’t know what to say.”

Kim brought Jody in for a hug. She patted her diapered bum. “That’s okay honey. Don’t you worry about it.” Kim let go of Jody then stood. She recached over Jody and pulled the back of her diaper out. “You’re not stinky are you?”

Quickly, Jody said, “Noooo.”

Kim placed her hands on Jody’s shoulders and looked her in the eyes.  “But it would be okay if you were. Right?” I just needed to check. Is that okay?”

Jody closed her eyes, not wanting to look at Kim. “I guess.”

“Would you rather use the big scary potty or have me or Dr. Wells look after your diaper?”

It was no contest for Jody. She had hardly thought about that stupid scary potty all afternoon. Now thinking about it made her upset. She wanted to say something more but all she said was, “Diaper.”

“That’s a good girl. The diapers are soft and comfortable aren’t they?

Jody did think at the moment that they were soft or comfortable, but a new one would be better. “There okay.”

Susan came back into the family room. “Okay. Everything is ready.”

Kim took Jody’s hand and they followed Susan. Susan stopped in front of the bathroom door. “Close your eye’s Jody.”

Jody got a little nervous and moved right beside Kim. She didn’t want to have anything to do with the bathroom.

“It’s going to be okay Jody. I promise.” Susan said, holding her hand on the bathroom door knob.

Jody closed her eyes, but not so tight that she could not see. She felt Kim place her hand on her back. Susan opened the bathroom door and Kim gave Jody a little push towards it. Jody’s eyes closed tight at this point.

“Okay sweetie. You can open your eyes.”

Jody opened only one eye and when she saw her picture she quickly opened the other.

“Isn’t this great Jody. You covered up, that big, scary potty with your excellent picture.” Susan said.

Jody took a step closer. Her picture went from the far wall and bent around. It blocked the potty completely. Jody was so excited she could no longer see the big, scary potty that she jumped up and yelled, “Thank you.” She tuned and gave Susan a big hug. Susan picked up Jody and placed her on her hip.

“I told you, you would like it.” Susan said, giving Jody a few bounces on her hip.

“I do. I really do.” Jody screamed out.

Kim made her way past Susan and Jody. She plugged the tub and turned the water on. Kim added some bubble bath.  “How about a nice bath?”

“I think that is a good idea. Don’t you Jody?”

Jody was so excited she could no longer she the potty, she would have agreed to anything. “Okay.”

Susan stood Jody on the floor. Jody toddled over to Kim, not taking her eyes off her picture.

Kim took Jody’s t-shirt from the bottom and pulled it up over her head. She let Jody stand there in nothing but her sagging diaper. Jody was still looking at her picture, so happy that she no longer could see the big, scary potty. Kim let her stand there, waiting for the tub to fill. Kim finally bent down and turned Jody so that she was facing her. She pulled the top two tapes, then the bottom two. She then  pulled the very wet diaper out from between Jody’s legs and rolled it up. She picked Jody up and lifted her over the side of the tub. Jody stood in the tub getting a look look at her picture. “Sit on your bum, sweetie.” Kim said.

Jody slowly  sat down in the water. Bubbles came up to her neck. The water felt great and Jody never stopped smiling, looking at her picture.

“You really like your picture?” Kim asked like she was taking to a three year old, as she washed Jody’s back.

Jody paid no attention to the fact that Kim was bathing her or talking to her like she was a little child. “Yes I do.”

“How many cows did you draw baby?”

Jody started to count the cows. “Six.” she said like it was the best thing ever.

“Wow. Six. That’s great. How many horses did you draw?”

Jody counted the horses. “Four.”

Kim kept using the wash clothe on Jody and asking questions that would be more suit if Jody was starting daycare in the morning. “So how many is that total?”


“Wow. Ten. You’re so smart.”

“I saw that farm house on my way here on the bus.” Jody stated.

Kim took Jody by the arm and lifted her up. She placed the wash cloth between Jody’s legs. “You did. You’re so glad you came, aren’t you baby.”

Jody had to think about that question. She had mixed feelings. She was excited to start a new job, but somethings were just not right. She finally took her eyes off of the picture and looked down at Kim’s hand that was between her legs. “I can do that.” she said, recaching for the wash cloth.

Kim stopped washing Jody as they both held onto the cloth. “You can do what baby?”

“I….I can take a bath by myself.”

“Ohh. I’m sure you can, but I thought you wanted to look at your picture, so I was just helping you.”

“I do, but…..” Jody’s emotions were all over. Upset she was being bathed. Excited about her picture and what it was covering. “….I’m a adult.”

Kim let go of the wash cloth, letting Jody take it. She made the sadist face she could muster. “I’m sorry Jody. I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m so sorry.” Kim tried to make  some tears, but she couldn’t.

Jody could tell right away that Kim was upset. She wasn’t intending to upset her. Jody was just trying to say, she wasn’t some little kid. Jody now felt bad. “I’m sorry Kim. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Kim keeping up the act. “It’s okay. Even though I changed your poppy pants and don’t tell Dr. Wells that you peed in the bed.” She stopped and got up from her knees. “I will leave.”

Hearing Kim say those things made Jody feel, less adult. She had done those things. Things a child would do.  Jody brought the wash cloth up to her face and started to cry. No wonder Kim thought she should have to give her a bath. It’s not Kim’s fault. It’s hers. Before Kim got to the doorway, Jody yelled, “It’s okay. Come back.”

Kim held back her smile and turned around. “Are you sure? I don’t want you to be mad at me.”

“I’m not. I’m not mad at you. I’m sorry, its just…..” Jody was stuck for words. She wiped her face with the cloth and held it up.

Kim knelt back down and took the cloth. She set in on the side of the tub. Kim place one hand on the front of Jody and the other on her back. “Let’s wash that pretty hair.” She pushed Jody forward and then leaned her back. Keeping her hand on Jody’s back, she dunked  Jody’s hair in the water. Sitting her back up, Kim took the Johnston’s baby shampoo and squeezed a good amount  on her hair. Kim lathered up Jody’s hair with the shampoo. Repeating the process, Kim rinsed the shampoo out of Jody’s hair.

Jody let Kim do what ever she wanted. She was trying to think of ways to convey to Kim that she was not a child, without making her upset. The more she thought about it, the more confused she became. How could she say she wasn’t a child after what she has done.

“All done sweetie.” Kim said, as she pushed the plug in the tub. ” Kim picked Jody up, lifting her over the side of the tub. Jody stood on the bath mat, letting Kim use a big fluffy towel to dry her off. It wasn’t long and Kim wrapped the towel around her. Kim picked her up. “You don’t want to try and use the potty, do you?”

Jody buried her head into Kim shoulder. “Noooo.”

“Okay. Let’s go get you ready for bed then. Maybe get some ice cream after.” Kim said, with a smile.

Jody kept her head up against Kim shoulder as Kim walked out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. Kim took Jody  to the change table and laid her down. She went to the closest and took out a diaper and a bottle of baby powder. Jody laid on the table wrapped in the towel. She picked her head up, so that she could she what Kim was doing. When she saw the diaper in Kim’s hand she let her head back down and closed her eyes.

Story is written by neverdry

Jody’s New Job Chapter 11

Story is written by neverdry

Jody never answered Dr. Wells about her nap. She was feeling very odd, and still tried.  She looked down at the diaper that was around her. Thoughts of Kim telling her it was better then using that big scary potty. Just the thought of using the big scary potty almost made the diaper feel, well, okay. It did make it a little harder to walk, but it was worth it.

“I came up with a little project for you Jody.” Dr. Wells said.

Jody looked up slowly. “A project?”

“Yes. I won’t tell you what it is for, until after you have finished it. But, I know that you will really like it.”

“Okay.” Jody said, with little energy.

Susan got up and put on a pair of shoes. Standing by the doorway that led to the stairs leading outside she said, “I will be right back. Kim could get the markers and crayons?”

Kim had no idea what Susan was up to, but played along. “Will do.”

Susan left and Kim went over picking Jody up, setting her on her hip. “Let’s find the markers and crayons.”

Jody put no fight up, as Kim lifted her onto her hip. She rested her head on Kim’s shoulder. She was still tried, even after her nap.  Kim carried Jody over towards the cupboard at the end of the kitchen. She opened the door and pulled out a big plastic container. Kim walked over to the kitchen table and placed the container on it.

Susan went into a little shed that was in the corner of the yard. Opening the door she found what she was looking for. They had purchased a new fridge a few weeks back and the box that it came in was leaning up against the wall.  She had meant to break it down for recycling, but had never got the chance. Susan pulled the box out and made her way back into the house.

Kim sat down with Jody on her lap. She gently bounced little Jody on her knee. Jody’s diaper rusted and crinkled.  “What do you think Dr. Wells’s project is?”

Jody had no idea. “I don’t know.”

“I don’t either.” Kim said, smiling as she bounced Jody a little more.

Susan returned with the big box. Slipping off her shoes. Kim and Jody looked at the big box she was carrying.  “We need more room then that. Bring everything into the family room.” Susan announced.

Kim stood Jody on the floor and picked up the plastic container.  Kim waited for Jody to start walking. “Let’s go see what Dr. Wells is up to.”

Jody started to toddle towards the family room. Kim looked on as Jody’s diapered bum went side to side. She let Jody get almost into the family room before she followed. It was just the cutest thing ever, watching 22 year old Jody walk in her thick animal print diaper.

Dr. Wells had placed the big box on the floor and waited for Jody and Kim to arrive. Susan could hardly contain her excitement as she looked back and saw little Jody toddle over towards her.

“I need some scissors Kim.” Susan said. kneeing on the floor with the big box in front of her.

Kim set the plastic container down of the floor and opened it. She pulled out the scissors and handed them to Susan. Susan cut up one side of the big box and then flipped it over, so the inside of the box was facing up. Susan turned and took Jody by the hand and pulled her towards the box. “I need you to draw a big picture. You can draw and colour anything you want.”

Jody stood looking down at the big box. “Why?” she asked.

“I told you, I will tell you once you’re finished. Trust me, you’re really going to like it.”

Jody was never much of an artist. She looked over as Kim pushed the plastic container filled with markers and crayons  beside her. She watched as Susan and Kim both stood up. She looked up at the two of them. “I’m not very good at drawing.”

“That’s okay sweetie, just do the best you can.” Susan said.

Jody looked back down at all the markers and crayons. She knelt down and reached into the container. She wasn’t  sure  where to start or even what colour to start with. Kim and Susan slowly backed up, away from Jody. They slowly and quietly sat down beside each other on the couch. They couldn’t take their eyes off of  Jody’s diapered bum sticking up, as she knelt on the floor.

It took Jody a few minutes to decide what to do. Then she remembered seeing a big farm with cows and horses on her recent bus trip. She thought back to the farm house and tried to picture it in her head. Picking up a black marker she moved so that she was in the middle of the big box and then laid down on her stomach. Jody started to draw the outline of the farm house.

Susan and Kim took a hold of each others hands when Jody started to draw,  Neither of them could believe, that in just a day and a half of picking Jody up, they would be watching her colour in nothing but her t-shirt and diaper. With Jody’s back to them, they turned smiling at each other and then kissed. After the kiss, Kim whispered into Susan’s ear. “I think I should get our little girl something to drink.”

Susan nodded her head up and down. Kim quietly got up from the couch and walked as quiet as she could out towards the kitchen. She had to turn back and look at Jody. She was so happy and excited to have the opportunity to care for a little girl.

Kim got out to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She pulled out the jug of orange juice and took it over to the counter. She opened the cupboard door and saw the sippy cups they had purchased. She reached up and took out a pink one with a picture of Barbie on it. She looked at it, but  decided that it might be a distraction. Everything was going so well.  She place it back and grabbed a plain plastic pink cup instead. Kim filled it 3/4 full with OJ and placed the jug back into the fridge.

Susan picked up a magazine off the coffee table and placed it on her lap. She would make like she was reading it, if Jody happened to turn around. She of course didn’t what to take her eyes off little Jody.

Kim returned with the plastic cup. She knelt down beside Jody, setting the cup down. “Something to drink honey. Be sure not to spill. Two hands, okay?”

Jody laying on the floor had to turn her head to see the cup and Kim.  “Ohhh, okay. Thank-you.”

“Your welcome honey. Two hands remember.” Kim said, standing back up and making her way back beside Susan.

Jody stopped drawing after a few minutes. She set the marker down and went back onto her knees. She picked up the pink cup with both hands and took a big drink. She carefully set the cup back down and looked over what she had done so far.  She was actually getting into it, enjoying it even. She thought the farm house looked pretty good.

Kim and Susan holding hands with magazines on their laps. Magazines that they had not even come close to looking at, smiled at each other as Jody picked up the plastic cup with both hands. It seemed that they just had to say something a couple of times and little Jody did what she was told. They could hear Jody’s diaper crinkle, when ever she moved.

A hour later, Jody stopped to have yet another drink. Kim had refilled it with water after Jody had finished the orange juice earlier. Just plain water. No medication.  After drinking some water, Jody looked down at all the work she had completed.  The farm house was pretty much finished.  She  just had a  few  little things to colour in.  The barn was about half done. She decided to finish off the farm house before going any further on the barn. When she recached over to get the crayon she wanted,  she felt her bladder twinge. Jody straightened back up and looked down at her diaper. Nineteen years, okay eighteen years of potty training seemed to fly out the window, after thinking about going to the big scary potty for a millisecond.  She easily let her bladder go and peed into her diaper. She finished and was surprised, she didn’t feel wet. Anytime before when she had a accident, she felt wet and cold within seconds.  She had thoughts of saying something, ! but instead, laid back down and went back to finishing the farm house.

Kim and Susan had hardly taken their eyes off her the whole time.  They both had a feeling of what Jody was doing. They were both surprised, that if Jody did what they thought, why she never said anything.
Susan whispered in Kim’s ear. “I think we should order pizza. That way we don’t have to make anything.”

“Sounds good to me.” Kim replied in Susan’s ear.

Susan stood  and walked over to Jody. Jody was so involved in colouring, she never heard Susan. Susan gently placed her hand on Jody’s diapered bum. She squeezed the thick diaper. She could feel that it  was wet. She took her hand off of Jody’s diaper and when she did,  Jody turned her head around.

“We’re going to order pizza for supper. What do you like on it?” Susan asked.

Jody was a little shocked to see Dr. Wells beside her. Jody got up, onto her knees. “Uhmm, pretty much anything, except I don’t like Hawaiian.”

“Oh that’s fine. Either does Kim.” Susan said, with a little chuckle. “You’re doing a fantastic job. That looks really good. Are you having fun?”

Jody looked down at the work she had completed. It did look a lot better then she ever imagined it would. “Yes.” she had to say. She was having fun.

“You keep at it. I will let you know when the pizza arrives.” Susan stood and waited for Jody to return to her project. Once she did,  Susan  walked over towards Kim. Bending down she whispered. “She is wet, but lets see how long she will stay in it before she tells us.”  Susan stood back up and Kim agreed by giving her the ‘Okay’ sign.

Susan went to the kitchen and ordered the pizza. She added garlic bread to the order as well.  She walked back into the family room and motioned to Kim. Kim noticed her and made her way out to the kitchen.

Before Susan could say anything. Kim asked,  “Is she really wet?”

“Yes. Not too much. I pretty sure those diapers can take a lot.”

“She doesn’t seem to concerned about it.”

“I know. I thought for sure she would be asking for a change.”

“Me too. So what’s up with the refrigerator box?”

Susan smiled and laughed a little. “Ohhh. You have to wait like Jody.”

“What? Come on, tell me.”

“Nope. You have to wait.” Susan said, leaning in and giving Kim a little kiss on her cheek.

“Fine.”  Kim was a little upset that Susan would not say what she was up to, but was willing to let it go. She wanted to get back out and watch Jody anyway.

Story is written by neverdry

Jody’s New Job Chapter 10

Story is written by neverdry.

Susan made her way into Jody’s bedroom about a hour later. Jody was stretched out with her arms over her head. Susan slowly pulled the covers down, off of Jody. She gently placed her hand on Jody’s pull-up. Soaked. Susan grinned and placed her hand on Jody’s shoulder. “Honey, it’s time to wake up.”

Jody moved a little but never opened her eyes. Susan placed her hands under Jody’s arms and picked her up. Sitting her on her hip. Jody still did not open her eyes. She was still very much asleep. Susan held Jody for a few minutes, bouncing her up and down on her hip. Jody was not going to wake up, anytime soon. Susan decided that she would be the one to get Jody into her cute diapers. Why should Kim get all the fun. Susan carried Jody over to the change table and gently laid her down. Jody made a couple little noises but never didn’t open her eyes. Susan walked over to the closest and pulled out one of the diapers from Rearz. Cute little animals decorated the diaper. Before making her way back over to Jody, Susan popped her head out of the bedroom. “Kim, come in here.” she said,

Kim heard Susan and walked quickly towards the bedroom. “What is it? Everything okay?”

Susan stood holding the diaper. She waved it in the air. “I think this would be a good time to get her into this. Her pull-up is soaked and she is still out.”

Kim walked up to Susan. “You think so? What will she do when she comes around and she is wearing that?”

“I’m not sure, but let’s find out.” Susan said, then walked back over to Jody.

Kim followed. “Okay. I’m good with it. I think she will look adorable in that.”

Susan set the diaper down on the table and then slowly tore the sides of Jody’s pull-up. Taking Jody by the ankles, she lifted her bum up off the table. Susan pulled the soaked pull-up out from under her. Susan kept Jody’s legs and bum up and Kim grabbed the diaper. Kim unfolded the diaper and handed it to Susan. Susan slide the diaper under Jody and then let her legs back down. Jody still didn’t move and her breathing was deep. Susan pulled the thick diaper up between Jody’s legs and placed the four tapes on the front.  Susan and Kim stood and looked down at little Jody with her animal print diaper on. At the same time they reached out their hands and placed them in each others.

“Oh my goodness. Is that not the most adorable thing you have seen?” Susan quietly said.

Kim turned and kissed Susan. “It is. Thank you Susan. I’m so happy to finally have a little girl.”

Susan and Kim kissed again. “Me too. It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have her.”

As the two stood looking down, Kim had a thought. “Would it be better just to but her back in bed? When she wakes up, I can always say that she soaked her pull-up and that you we’re upset.” Kim asked.

“That’s why I love you so much. Alway’s thinking. So smart. Great idea.” Susan replied.

Kim picked Jody up and walked over to her bed. Jody made a few more little noises, but never came close to opening her eyes. Kim laid Jody on her bed and the two women stood, not wanting to take their eyes off of her.

“Leave her covers off. We can watch from my phone.” Susan said, and then took Kim’s hand. They walked back out to the kitchen.

Susan turned her iPhone on and brought up the live video. Jody, sound asleep, wearing the cutest diaper. Her legs bowed out because the diaper was so thick and her arms at her side.

“Would you believe that she is 22? I mean if you didn’t know. How old would you think she was, if this was the first time seeing her?” Kim asked.

Susan let out a little chuckle. “I would say, six tops.” Susan picked up her iPhone and pushed the home button and lock button at the same time, talking a picture of the screen. “Let’s find out from somebody that has not seen her yet.” Susan put the picture in a text and typed, ‘How old do you think our new girl is?’

“Who did you send that to? Your sister?” Kim asked.

“Yes. Beth is excited for us. You know that. Let’s she want she thinks”

“I know she is. I talked to her the other day on the phone.”

Susan’s phone rang not long after. Susan put her phone on speaker. “Hello.”

“Hello, Susan. Four.”

Susan and Kim laughed. “Great guess Beth. Right on the button.” Susan said.

“Really, I thought you said you we’re getting a older girl.”

“Just kidding. She is actually 22, but I think four is a great age for her.”

“22? No way. Ann come here and look at this picture.” Beth said.

Kim and Susan could hear Beth talking to her daughter Ann. “Ann look at this picture. How old do you think this girl is?”

“I would say 3-4. Maybe 5. I’m not sure. Why?”

“This is Aunt Susan and Kim’s new girl.”

“Really. She’s a cutie. Congratulations Aunt Susan.”

Both Kim and Susan said, “Thanks Ann.” at the same time.

“So when can we come over and meet her?” Beth asked.

“I was thinking tonight, but the way things are going right now, it might be better to wait a few days.”

“Okay. Just let me know. I have to run Ann to soccer practice. Good luck with her. Talk to you later.”

Both women again at the same time said, “Okay, bye Beth.” and then Susan ended the call.

“I guess we don’t have to worry about people thinking that she is 22.” Kim said, with a smirk.

“I guess not. I didn’t think we would, when I first met her.”

Kim and Susan went back to the video of Jody sleeping. Jody was still very much out. She had not moved a inch.

“How long do we let her sleep?” Kim asked.

“Let’s give her another 15-20 minutes. If we let her sleep to long, she will not want to go to sleep tonight.”
Kim went into Jody’s bedroom and stood over her. Jody had not moved since they had put her in bed with her new adorable diaper on. Kim did not really want to wake her. She looked so cute and peaceful. After a few minutes, Kim placed her hand on Jody’s shoulder. “Honey, time to get up.”

Jody’s arms moved and her eyes slowly opened. Jody looked at Kim standing over her. She brought her hands up and rubbed her eyes. Jody felt Kim’s hands under her arms and before she knew it, she was sitting on Kim’s hip. She was still kind of tried and rested her head on Kim’s shoulder.

“That was a long nap.” Kim said, gently bouncing Jody on her hip.

It was  the third bounce that Jody felt something odd around her waist. She picked her head off of Kim’s shoulder and looked down past Kim’s breast. Around her waist was a diaper with bright, colourful animals on it. She took her left hand and felt the plastic. In a squeaky voice, Jody said, “What is that?”

“Don’t worry about that honey. You had soaked your pull-up earlier and Dr. Wells insisted that I put you in something that would be better for you.”

“But, I don’t want to wear a diaper. Those pull-up things are bad enough.” Jody said, letting her head rest back onto Kim’s shoulder.

Kim gave Jody a few more bounces on her hip. “Do you want to go and use the big scary potty then?” Kim said, and made like she was going to walk out towards the bathroom.

“Nooo. But……I’m not a baby. I don’t need diapers!”

Kim turned back and walked towards the change table. She set Jody down so that her feet were hanging over the edge. Jody could really feel the bulk of the diaper now that she was sitting. Kim rested her hands on each side of Jody and bent down a little. “Jody I know that you’re not a baby. Babies are not the only ones that need to wear diapers. I know lots of girls and boys that need to wear them.”

Jody looked down at the yellow zebra that was right on the front of her diaper. She was trying to come up with something to say.

Kim carried on. “You wet the bed last night. You had a messy pull-up and you soaked your pull-up earlier. You wet your pants yesterday and I think you have wet your  pants many, many times before. I’m I right?”

Everything Kim said was right. There was no denying it. She has wet her pants before. Yesterday was not the first. But diapers? She is  22, I shouldn’t be in diapers.

“Dr. Wells and I don’t mind that you’re in diapers honey. We think it is much better for you.  You don’t want to use that big scary potty, right?”

Thought’s of the big potty came into Jody’s mind. She had never been so scared of something in her life. “No. But…”

“No buts honey. If you can’t use the potty then aren’t diapers the best thing for you?”

Jody had no response. She knew the answer but couldn’t say it.

Kim picked Jody up off the table and stood her on her feet. The thickness of the diaper between her legs made them bow out a little. The pull-up was nothing like this. Kim took her by the hand and started to walk. Jody’s first steep was a little awkward. Her second was not much better, but by the third and forth she found a way. She could hear her diaper crinkle with every step she took. More concerned with walking with the bulky diaper between her legs the thought of walking around with nothing covering it, never crossed her mind.

Susan could hardly wait for Jody to come out from  her bedroom. When she did, Susan could not help but smile wide. Jody’s awkward walk and the cute animals plastered all over her  diaper, made Jody look like a tall toddler. Susan waited for them to get close. “Did you have a good nap honey?”

Kim let go of Jody’s hand and Jody kept walking. It was more of a toddle then a walk at this point. Jody had came up with a new walk, to make it easier. With the thick padding between her legs she had to do something different. Jody got a few feet from Dr. Wells. Dr. Wells stuck out her hands and took a hold of Jody’s hands. Jody stood in front of Dr. Wells in nothing but her t-shirt and diaper.

Story is written by neverdry.

Jody’s New Job Chapter 9

Story written by neverdry.

Kim knew she needed to handle this very carefully. She didn’t want Jody to think she was even, remotely mad at her. Kim bent down and put her hand under Jody’s chin. She gently lifted Jody’s head up. “That’s it? That’s nothing to cry about honey. Come on.  I will have you fixed up and have you back out watching Dora in no time.”

Jody’s brain did not know how to handle what Kim was saying. She was already confused about what she had done.  She was ready for someone to be mad, very mad. She had just done the worse thing she could think of. The most babyish thing.

Kim place her right  arm by Jody’s legs  and place her left arm behind Jody’s neck. She slowly and gently picked Jody up. “It’s okay Jody. Please stop crying.” Kim said, as she carried Jody towards her bedroom.

Susan got out of her chair and followed behind. Kim placed Jody on the floor. Jody stood crying her eye’s out. “Shh. It’s okay sweetie. This is not a big deal.” Kim took Jody’s dress from the bottom and slowly pulled it off. “I’m just going to put you up here. It’s nothing to cry about honey. Everything is okay.” Kim picked Jody up and laid her on the change table. “Please honey it’s okay. Don’t cry.”

Susan came into the bedroom and walked up to Jody. She placed her hand on Jody’s forehead. “It’s okay honey. Mommy will get you all fixed up. You’re being a very good girl.” Susan kept up taking to Jody. Telling her she was good. Kim went to the closet to get the changing supplies. A diaper could wait until tonight. Another pull-up would be better for Jody at this point.

Kim returned with the baby wipes and another pull-up. Working as a nurse in a hospital before meeting Susan, this was nothing for her. She had dealt with a lot worse. Susan kept talking to Jody as Kim tore the sides of Jody’s wet and messy pull-up.

Jody was still crying, but she had opened her eyes and was looking at  Dr. Wells, who was only a few inches away from her face.  “That’s why Kim put you in training pants honey. This is much better then using that big scary potty. That big scary potty could have used it’s teeth on you.  Just relax. Mommy will get you all cleaned up. Mommas here.”

Jody did nothing but listen to Dr. Wells. Even in the state she was in, she was taking in and  understood everything she was saying. She even nodded a few times when Dr. Wells mentioned the potty. Jody started to relax. She had almost stop crying.

Kim took Jody by the ankles and slowly lifted her messy bottom off the pull-up. Gently she cleaned Jody’s bum with baby wipes. It did not take her long to have Jody all clean. She pulled the messy pull-up out from under Jody and rolled it up. Quickly she had the new pull-up over Jody’s feet. She took her by the ankles once more, pulling it up over her waist. The whole process did not take long at all. Kim knew after this, that there would be a lot  more diaper changes that she would be doing. She could take her time and have fun with little Jody later.

Kim took the rolled up dirty pull-up and Susan helped Jody down on the floor. Jody stood in her new clean pull-up. Susan decided to give Jody a little break. Thinking if she put on some clothes of her own, it might make her feel a little better.  “Why don’t you go find some clothes in your suitcase to put on. They are still out in the kitchen.” Susan said, waiting to see how Jody was going to proceed after just having her messy pull-up changed.

Jody couldn’t think straight. She had just went from poopie pull-up to clean pull-up in less then five minutes. Dr. Wells and Kim had gone about this, like it was nothing. No big deal. Jody looked down at her pull-up. It was a big deal. She was 22 and was just changed, like she was a baby. Dr. Wells was upset with her yesterday after she had wet her pants. Now, after she had done the most infantile thing, she seemed almost happy. Why? Jody could not make sense of it.

Susan bent down seeing that Jody was not moving. “Honey it’s okay. No one is mad. I know you have had problems before. You told me yesterday. Just think. You don’t have to worry about using that big scary potty. Kim and I don’t mind helping you. It’s okay if we help you.”

Jody looked up at Dr. Wells. She stuck out her hand and Dr. Wells took it. She had no words. What could she say?

“I can help you find some clothes.” Dr. Wells said, as her and Jody walked out to the kitchen.

Kim was holding a plastic bag with Jody’s messy pull-up in it when Jody and Susan got to the kitchen. “Just going to toss this in the trash outside.”

Susan led Jody over to her suitcases.  One was still open from yesterday. Susan knelt down and pulled out a pair of jeans. “These be okay?”

Jody just nodded. She felt embarrassed about her actions. Her thoughts were going crazy. Thoughts of the big scary  potty. Thoughts of what Dr. Wells had said to her while she was getting changed. Dr. Wells held out her jeans. Jody stepped into the legs and they were pulled up over her training pants. Dr. Wells pulled out a black t-shirt. Jody lifted her arms and Dr. Wells pulled the t-shirt over her head.  Jody stood fully dressed and felt a little bit better. Her pull-up stuck out of the top of her jeans.

Susan was going to suggest that they put Jody’s clothes away, but she figured this would be the last outfit of Jody’s, she would be wearing. So instead, Susan took Jody’s hand. “Come on. Let’s go relax and finish watching Dora.”

Jody and Susan went to the family room. Susan sat on the couch first and pulled Jody up beside her. Susan picked up the plastic cup and held it up to Jody’s mouth. “Just a little drink honey. I’m sure you must be  thirsty.”

Jody let Dr. Wells hold the cup and she took a drink. She was thirsty after all the crying she had done and the orange juice hit the spot.  Susan turned the DVD of Dora on and started it from the beginning. Jody did not want to think about all that had happened, so she focused on watching Dora. Watching a kids cartoon was better then thinking about the scary potty or her messy pants.

Susan kept giving her drinks of orange juice. Jody was not sure how many different episodes of Dora they had watched, before Kim came in and said, “Lunch is ready.”

Susan took Jody by the hand and they walked out to the kitchen. Susan let Jody climb up on her chair. A different pink cup was sitting in front of Jody. Kim brought over a plate with grilled cheese on it. In her other hand was a pink bib. It had a picture of Barbie on the front. Kim set the plate down and then placed the bib around Jody.

Jody did not say a word about the bib. After spilling syrup on the one she wore this morning, what could she say. She was scared it might happen again.  She would just have to prove she didn’t  need one, by not spilling.

“I hope you like grilled cheese.” Kim said.

Jody hadn’t  said a word since her accident. She cleared her throat. “I do. Do you have ketchup?”

“We sure do. I will be right back.” Kim walked to the fridge and retrieved the ketchup. She set the bottle on the table. Jody picked up the bottle of ketchup and squeezed some out on her plate. She picked up the pink cup and looked inside. Chocolate milk. She took a drink and then went  about eating her grilled cheese.
Susan and Kim enjoyed their salads that Kim had put together. Again, the two women watched little Jody eat.

“Jody don’t look so sad. After we are done eating, would you like to go for a walk?” Kim asked.

Jody finished the food in her mouth. She was feeling a little depressed after what had happened. “I..I..guess.”

Jody drank her chocolate milk and very much enjoyed it. Jody  finished her grilled cheese well before Dr. Wells and Kim finished their salads. She looked down at her pink bib. It was clean. She sat on her knees on the chair and started to feel a little sleepy. Jody placed her elbows on the table and rested her chin in her hands. Her eye lids wanted to close badly.  Jody was struggling  to keep them open.

“Looks like you need to take a little nap honey.” Dr. Wells said.

Susan stood and helped Jody down from her chair. “Would you like to take a little nap?. We can go for a walk after.”

Jody didn’t think she should need a nap, but she was feeling very tried. A little sleep might just be a good thing. “Okay.” she said, letting Dr. Wells remove her bib. Dr. Wells scooped Jody up, sitting her on her hip and walked into the bedroom. Jody rested her head on Dr. Wells shoulder losing the battle to keep her eyes open.

Susan placed Jody on the bed after pulling the covers back. She laid Jody down. “Let’s get you out of those pants.” Susan popped the button on Jody’s jeans and pulled down the zipper. Jody could not keep her eyes open. She tried very hard, but she lost the battle. Susan pulled Jody’s jeans off, leaving her in her training pants and t-shirt.  Susan could tell, Jody was pretty well out. She placed her hand on Jody’s pull-up and checked for wetness. Knowing there was a very slim chance of her being wet, she just had to check.  Just for the fun of it.  “Have a good nap sweetie.” Susan said, as she pulled the covers up. Jody was out like a light.

Susan returned to the kitchen and sat down beside Kim. “I guess I may have put  too much in the chocolate milk.” Susan said, laughing.

“I thought she was going to fall off the chair.” Kim replied, laughing along with Susan. “I never asked you. What you have been giving her. You just said, you would look after it,  but I have to know.”

“Well my love. I was going to tell you, but I was not sure how it was all going to work out.  I found out about a study a couple weeks ago. The study was dealing with people that have fears. Fears like spiders or heights. They found that some of the medication they were giving these people, when they mixed them, made the person more fearful. In some tests they figure 30 to 40 times more fearful.”

“That’s why she is so scared of the toilet!” Kim said, more of a statement then a question.

“Yes and needles. I think little Jody wet her training pants a little when she saw the needle that I was giving her earlier. ”

“I asked her if she was okay when you guys got back up here. She said she was fine. I guess I should have checked.”

“I don’t think she even realized it. Anyway,  I put the mixture in the those water bottles with the black mark on them and the orange juice.”

“What about the chocolate milk?”

“That just has a sedative in it.  Afternoon naps are going to be sure thing for a while. One glass of that milk and she will be out. Once she gets use to napping after lunch, we should be able to stop with the sedative.” Susan chuckled.  “I think she will be out for a few hours. Let’s  just give her about a hour to sleep. Waking her up when she is still out of it, should be some nice cuddle time for us.” Susan chuckled again.

Kim looked just a little perplexed. “That explains her fear of the toilet. She must have dreamt last night about it. She told me it had teeth this morning.”

“I know. She said the same thing to me. I believe her fear  has got her mind racing, making up things, so that her fear is justified. I’m sure her 22 year old mind is fighting with itself. She has so much fear,  that she would rather mess herself, then use the potty. I have to say,  I really didn’t  think it would happen this fast, but as you can see, it has.”

“It sure has. I think we handled that pretty good. Jody’s messy diaper.” Kim said, taking Susan’s hand into hers.

“I hope so. Her fear of the potty and us telling her that using her pull-up is no big deal. I think she will start using her training pants, soon diapers, with out even giving it a second thought.” Susan said, placing her other hand on top of Kim’s.

“So do you think we can use this heightened fear for other things? Kim asked.

“I believe we can. A lot of other things. For starters, you know that highchair we almost bought?”


“I  think,  if Jody happened to fall off her chair, she would be quite fearful of doing it again. I don’t want to see her get hurt, but wth the medication, that fear would be very, very high. I don’t think it would take much for us to get into a highchair.” Susan stopped for a second. “Think about her bib. I think she was scared of spilling on her dress this morning. It did not take much to get her to wear it. What 22 year old would submit to wearing a bib with Dora on it?” Susan answered her own question. “I guess one that had no real problem with wearing  training pants” Susan snickered.

Kim laughed again. “You’re right. I couldn’t  believe I got those washable training pants on her yesterday. It all makes sense now. She was really worried you would find out about her wet bed this morning. I had to promise not to tell you.”

“I believe you could use that tonight and get into those cute diapers.” Susan said with a huge smile.

Story written by neverdry.