You have a adorable crinkle butt!

You have a adorable crinkle butt!                       ***Things that happen in school!***

The teacher was handing strawberry juice to all the cubs in the classroom, and in that row was Sammy, Remi and Jim!
And it seems that Jim’s crinkle diaper butt was too irresistible for little Remi!

Then he decided to give him a big hug and said: “You have a adorable crinkle butt!”

While Sammy said: “Oh brother!”

Jim: Jimfox1985

Lineart by: Victor/colors by: nelson88


So cute look like Remi have found a diaper butt to love. Only hope that Jim dont accidentally messy his diaper now when you have your nose so close to it.

I really love the cute expression that Jim have in his face. It is so cute It is so cute that he dont know what to do in this sort of situation.


Paw Patrol: Teaching how to do it! – Gift art

Paw Patrol:Teaching how to do it! - Gift artAnd like Chase would say: “Chase is on the case!” It seems that this teaching task will not be easy, but with lots of practice they will succeed!

Marshall and Chase are teaching how to use the skateboard to Foxy and Jim!But it seems that Foxy is going to need a lot of practice(and Jim too), but at least he has a good pillow on his bottom in case he falls!

Guest characters invited:

Foxy and belongs to abdl86

Jim and belongs to Jimfox1985

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Wounder who come up whit this awesome and cute ide? I really love this drawing.

This really should be me in irl to. I cannot use a skateboard i should end up on my butt allot of times.

Good thing that area is well protected :)


Tantrums!Being a babysitter is not easy stuff!And  more when the cub gets tough on the changing table and before going to bed!

It seems that is the case here, little Jim is putting things a little difficult for his babysitter!
Even with all the tantrum that Jim can create, the babysitter always has the solution for such problems …a good bare bottom spanking!^.^

Jim: Jimfox1985

Line art by Victor/colors by  nelson88


Yes a good bare bottom spanking is watch happen if you give your  babysitter a hard time and when she is finish whit Jim i think he is going to have a hard time sleeping now whit this spanking butt. But he have get what he deserve for being a naughty boy on the changing table.

I only hope he dont decide to do it again. But i have to admit that he look weary cute in this pose and he seems to handle the spanking weary good to.

Jim’s all in one machine! By: Nelson

Jim's all in one machine! By: Nelson
Jim’s all in one machine!

“All in one” machine!^^

Here’s the pic 4U, and this is a little story behind the artwork:
“Jim’s mom: “Jim, it’s time to change your nappy and I’ve prepared for you a bottle with milk!”

Jim: “Not yet, mom! I’m in the middle of a video game and I have the highest punctuation!”

Suddenly, little Jim heard a “click” in his room… and as expected… the “All in one” machine was purchased by his mom too!

*The spanking paddle is for little cubs that say no!*”

Artwork by: Victor and story/colored by: nelson88

Cub: Jimfox1985


it looks like allot of cubs have ended up in this all in one machine and it can be a good machine to have id you dont wont to stop playing whit your video game. And it even help you whit your baby bottle when your are to busy playing :) It even have his fox plushy if he feels that he need to have something to hug. This was the cutes all in one machine drawing i have seen. I wish that was me in that drawing.

The Ghostbusters pups

The Ghostbusters  pups
The Ghostbusters pups

“If there’s something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

I saw this movie  two days ago on  dvd, it’s really  a classic movie(1984) and one of the few comedies that have made me laugh!It came to my mind to make a parody (a drawing) of that classic movie with my pups and a special guest!I talk to my friend Victor about  my  idea and the result is this pic, which I loved a lot!

In this drawing, it seems that there are some strange noises in JimFox’s   room,specially  under  his  bed!Then he decided to call his friends, Sammy and Remi, who supposedly being the  “ghostbusters pups”! LOL!

But apparently what Remi found was not a ghost … but a bag full of candy!^^
And don’t worry anyone, what Sammy have in his paws it’s a water gun!Have  fun  boys!^.^

Guest  character  invited: Jimfox1985

Lineart  by  Victor/colors, idea and text  by: nelson88


What i can see from this drawing this is not the boys that you should call. I love the look on Jimfox1985 face :)