No Smoking for Ronnie!

No Smoking for Ronnie!Ronnie’s having himself a nice stogie and feeling like a total bad ass! Eva, however…doesn’t think so…

Never displease the AR skunk…if you value your age!

Ronnie belongs to Lil-Ronnie

Eva belongs to Lil-Ronnie and Cezmera

Text by Lil-Ronnie


Awww poor Ronnie. But it looks like things ended well for him. The only thing he is going to have in his mouth now is pacifier and Eva breast when he is nursing it.

Diapey check for Ronnie

Diapey check for RonnieThe cute little babyfur Lil-Ronnie

Draw by ZombiNeko


Looks like the blushing babyfur get his diaper check during his plush hugging time and it seems that he is still clean and dry so he dont need a new diaper at this moment. That is good now can he focus on hugging his little plush some more :)

This is one super cute furry we have here :)

Seifer’s Microcomic Part 1 And 2

Seifer's Microcomic Part 1
Seifer’s Microcomic Part 1


Wounder way Seifer is posing in front of the camera whit only a diaper? Maybe he is doing some sort of advertising photography for a new type of adult diaper brand? Hard to say on this picture what it is for but he look kind of cool in his diaper. And i hope that he like to wear his diaper to.

Seifer's Microcomic Part 2
Seifer’s Microcomic Part 2


Look like they wont to have some photography of him when he messy his diaper. And from the comment it look like they like it and it is a good thing to that they diaper dont leak. That sort of advertising photography should not be that good. That could easily lead people to believe that it was a bad diaper that dont can handle a big mess. But from the look of this picture it seems like this diaper can handle it weary good and that awesome. But i hope they hurry to take the picture they need so Seifer can change his diaper so he dont end up whit a diaper rash.

Cub: Seifer

Draw by: familliar