The invisible pup!

The invisible pup!

***As everyone knows, Matt is a great inventor in his spare time!***

Once again Sammy is messing with one of his father’s inventions!It seems that Matt has invented a formula for invisibility!And it seems that the news reached Sammy’s ears also!

Sammy:”With this invention I will do many mischief, especially  on my brother Remi!Too bad that this formula only lasts half an hour, but it’s enough time to mess around  and start doing mischief too!”

So Sammy opened the bottle and said to himself:”Until the last drop!”


Within seconds, the formula had an effect on the pup and immediately he was totally invisible!
“It works!Yay!It works!And now Remi, you’ll have the scare of your life!”said with a laugh!


Remi:”Who said that?”

“Booooooo!”**Sammy began to poke with his finger his brother’s shoulder!**

Remi:”Someone is touching me! I think it’s a … ghost!DAAAAAD!”

Sammy couldn’t contain his laughter, but neither he had noticed that his father was there standing behind him!

Matt:”I knew something like this was going to happen!For this reason I invented these special glasses to see who had taken my invention, without my permission!”

And the result as expected, had a sore end, especially for Sammy’s little bottom!

(The only visible part  on Sammy and for the benefit of  all  the viewers was his little red rear end!-Lol!)

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by nelson88


What a nice drawing :)