Babyfur Comic: First Law

Babyfur Comic: First LawOf Medics is…don’t become a patient.

You can’t help anyone like that…


Text and drawing by: Reva_the_Scarf.


Wounder what happen whit this boy in the first time? Maybe it was the same thing that happen to this girl? And what sort of place is this? Some sort of experiment off some kind? Hard to know but it is a great comic and i think i would like to volunteer if this thing was for real. Should be nice to have someone looking after you and give you your bottle and change your diaper when you are wet or messy that should be something weary awesome :) I know it is many adult babys out there that dream about this sort of thing.

I really love Reva_the_Scarf drawing skills.

I am still sick 4-10-2014

It seems to be a very difficult infection that I have received in my throat I cough still quite a lot. Wondering directly when it will be well again in the throat. I was and visited the doctor on Wednesday because I thought I had gotten worse but that was not the case. But she still wrote a medical certificate so that I could be home for another week because I cough whenever I become strained.

But I do not direct to be home because I did not feel sick besides, but it’s still bad to go when you have so easy to cough as I have right now.

I hope it goes over at the beginning of the week so that I can go at the end of next week.

There is unfortunately not much I can do about it but to take it easy and hope the infection go away soon.

English: Diagram of the Human Throat for the T...
English: Diagram of the Human Throat for the Throat article. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)