There’s still a little cub inside in all of us!

There's still a little cub inside in all of us!
Matt wasn’t happy at all with being in bed pretending to be a baby, he wanted something more!So he decided to drink his youth formula(created by him also)… but he decided to invite a friend in the fun too!
Matt:”All right Ozzy! I’ll be here waiting for you!”

Minutes later, Matt explained everything to Ozzy and that the effect of the formula lasted only  10 minutes, but time enough for being babies and have a moment of great fun!

Ozzy:”Can you give me some of your formula to give it a little to my Tavi?”
Matt:”Yes you can!”

And as you are seeing, what a  great day  had those two, being like babies!^^

Ozzy: OzzieKitSkunk

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Sometime drinking this youth formula can be a very good thing so you can regress back to infant stat.

Ricky so bloated now

Ricky so bloatedHe has gotten bloated so much that he is having to hold the tapes to keep his diaper from falling off XD

Nice mustache btw Ricky ;3

Ricky: pichuboy

Draw and story by: pichu90


Yes Ricky is weary bloated at this moment maybe he need to relax a little when it comes to the baby bottle drinking and let the tummy do its work before he have another one. Even if he look to find it weary ymmy to drink the stuff that is inside the bottle i dont think his belly can handle match more now and i dont think his diaper can do it either. He need to have a bigger diaper if he decide to continue down this road.

Foxy and his baby bottle

Foxy and his baby bottle
Foxy and his baby bottle.

The best thing that Foxy like to suck on beside his pacifier is his baby bottle. It make him weary calm and relax to suck on and it is always give him a warm and cozy feeling in his tummy when he suck on it. He love to close his eyes and focus on the warm and tasty baby formula when he slowly empty his baby bottle. And some time something else get warm to the front of his diaper when his bladder empty itself into his diaper. But that is not something that Foxy cars about. He have his baby bottle right now that he need to finish so he can have a cozy and nice naptime after that.

Draw by: revathescarf