Unboxing a package from Save Express 29/12 – 2016

Unboxing my order from Save Express that include the following products:

2 packages of Incontrol Booster Pads
2 package of Crinklz
1 package of Drylife Slip Super
1 package of MyDiaper Blue

Incontrol Booster Pads

Incontrol Booster PadsLightly scented boosters are perfect for managing odors effectively and doubling the capacity of most brands of diapers.

Measures about 22″ long for a perfect fit inside most brands/sizes of briefs.

A high capacity booster boasting 1300ml capacity with flow through design.

This product will be in stock on Monday 25 July, 2016.

This booster product can be pre-order from this Rearz page.

This look like an interesting booster pads and i hope they are going to be available in Europe lather on.