Babyfur Comic: Should’ve Read the Label Part 1

Babyfur Comic: Should've Read the Label Part 1

Even in parallel universes where Volly and Starbuck aren’t incontinent, this still keeps happening. You’d think that in a world where Fountain of Youth water exists, these two would take notice of the giant “FOY” on the bottles… Oh well.

They can feel what they’re doing in their pants, but their confusion over the lack of a wet patch is gonna get answered REAL soon.

Volly belongs to Diaper-and-Dragons

Starbuckand text by GibsonScratch

Draw by CatMonkShiro


Awww looks like this two should have read the label before drinking that water :(

Good thing they already are wearing diapers otherwise they should have been standing there wet really wet pants.

And soon some more change is going to happen whit this two dragon boys.

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Bailley – Stuck With Diapers

Bailley - Stuck With DiapersLittle Bailley, the child super soldier experiment. Born in a small African village, this mysterious girl was experimented on at a very young age, by an unknown military group, to become a powerful super soldier. She was rescued by Flo, the military service dog, and has since been under close observation by the army.

Bailley, who is beginning to show signs of the symptoms, has now grown a tail and animal ears, though the species remain unknown. Furthermore, her aim, speed and reflexes have also excelled to near super-human level. Way too young for combat, she has been enrolled into preschool, and helps the army train and maintain all the service animals, including Flo and Maisy. She’s a girl scout, she’s a very fast learner and has become a child prodigy, envied by all the other preschool girls. Arrogant, with bragging rights, she has every reason to be proud and cocky……….

*crinkle-crinkle*………except she can’t pass her Potty Training Test……..A side effect from her super soldier testing, Bailley seems to have lost all control of her bathroom urges, and has become desperately dependent on diapers to prevent accidents. Perfectly flawed, she has become very nervous and self-conscious about her padding, and experiences much ridicule by students when she needs to get the teacher to change her diaper. She often hides from class, preferring to hang out with Flo and the other service animals, seeing that Flo and Maisy are also incontinent. Its only around other padded kids and animals, where she feels most comfortable. Her dream is to one day graduate to training pants.

Draw and everything by OverFlo207


Poor little Bailley it seems like she is going to be forced to wear diapers for the rest of here life. Now when she have ended up being incontinent.

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Threaded Armor – Adult Cloth Diaper for Night

Threaded Armor - Adult Cloth Diaper for Night

Product Description

Adult incontinence can be a finanacial burden, as well as a difficult issue to cope with. Super Undies makes adult cloth diapers, based on child diapers that are proven to work, but in larger sizes. These items are designed for daytime and nighttime incontinence for adults and kids with special needs. Save money with easy to wash, reusable adult cloth diaper options over costly disposables.

More about this item…

This adult cloth diaper is quite unlike any other on the market. There are no openings. It is a pull-on style.

No openings – no compromised seams that lead to leaking.

We only ever sew through 3 layers of fabric or less, never four more more. Sewing through too much fabric can cause a build up in odors.

Full coverage back. More room in the diaper means more room for absorbing, which is what main job description of this beast is.

Waterproof tabs backed by water resistent fleee. Double protection for side sleepers.

Four full layers pf protection. When I say FULL, I mean the absorbent pads run all the way from the top back to the top front. No mansy pansy sort of catch it in the middle deal here. No sir.

Two of the four layers are built in and hidden. Two are external and tuck in a pocket to smooth things out down there. Nice, smooth and sophisticated.

The pocket can hold additional absorbency. You know… just in case.



This product can be found on

Adult cloth diapers cost less than disposables. Although the initial price may cause sticker shock, Adults who suffer from around the clock incontinence can spend more than $400 a month on their diaper bill. The cost of cloth is nothing compared to the build up expense of using disposable diapers consistently. Many people find the initial investment into cloth is equivalent to one or two months worth of their disposable diaper bill.

Cloth diapers reduce the risk of toxic exposure. Trace amounts of harmful dioxins are found in disposables left over from the manufacturing process. Cloth diapers can be laundered and reused, completely eliminating any exposure to toxins.

Adult cloth diapers are easy to clean believe it or not! Our modern day construction helps to reduce ammonia build up and allow the garment to become thoroughly clean in the wash and dry quickly in the dryer. Simply use a diaper sprayer to rinse the garment. These adult cloth diapers are also able to be washed in industrial machines like the ones found in nursing homes.
Modern adult cloth diapers have a waterproof shell, absorbency and fasteners all built into one piece, making them a breeze to put on and take off. No pins, no extra plastic pants. They are made with a thin waterproof breathable fabric, allowing the user to feel cool and comfortable throughout the day. Threaded Armor has beefed up your standard adult cloth diaper into a nighttime beast! The heavy absorbency adult diaper is very absorbent and very waterproof. In the event you need more absorbency, it sports a handy internal pocket that allows you to add additional padding.
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Forsite AM PM Maximum Adult Briefs Review Part 1

Hello this is the part 1 of the review of the new Forsite AM PM Maximum Adult Briefs released by In the video below i talk about the Diaper package and show you how it looks like and wat i think about it. I really like the design they have made on this package. This is how i wont a diaper package should look like special when it comes to the back of the package where you could find some nice information and a photo of the diaper. So you can learn how the diaper is designed to fit the needs to have a safe and relax sleep so you can forget about all the worry’s that you are going to wake up to a wet bed because the night diaper that you decided to wear for the night could not keep your bed dry.

That is one thing that you dont wont to wake up to if you are a bedwetter. It is one thing to wake up whit a wet and soggy diaper but it is totally something else to wake up to a soggy and wet diaper plus a wet bed.

The diaper is released on two sized Medium and Large. In the medium bag you find 12 diaper and when it comes to the Large you find 10 diaper in the bag.

I hope i going to be able to make the part 2 of the review every soon.

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If you accept this notice, your choice will be saved and the page will refresh.

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Winter Incontinence Sale At

Winter Incontinence have a winter sale on different kind of incontinence product from adult diapers to wipes.

You can example find the Rearz Safari for $39.99

It can be wort to check out this sale. Maybe you can make some good deals.

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Ensure Demand-supply of incontinence aids without additional payment!

Die Unterzeichner dieser Petition fordern, dass Menschen mit Inkontinenz ohne aus eigener Tasche aufzuzahlen die Inkontinenzhilfen in der Qualität und Menge bekommen, die sie für ihre Versorgung benötigen und die ihnen gesetzlich zustehen. Dazu sollen Krankenkassen Verträge schließen, die Patienten ein Wahlrecht zwischen verschiedenen Anbietern und Produkten ermöglichen. Ausschreibungsverfahren für Inkontinenzhilfen sind so anzupassen, dass der Schweregrad der Inkontinenz bei der Ausschreibung berücksichtigt wird.


Jeder Mensch mit Inkontinenz ist anders. Darum hat auch jeder Mensch einen unterschiedlichen Bedarf bei der Inkontinenzversorgung. Obwohl Menschen mit Inkontinenz laut Gesetz einen Anspruch auf eine angemessene Versorgung mit Inkontinenzhilfen haben, werden viele Betroffene heute nicht mehr in ausreichender Menge und Qualität versorgt. Sie müssen vielmehr aus eigener Tasche aufzahlen, um weiterhin die Inkontinenzhilfen zu bekommen, die sie benötigen und gewohnt sind.

Krankenkassen können durch Ausschreibungen über 20 Prozent Kosten einsparen. Aktuell wurden Verträge zu einer Monatspauschale von teilweise EUR 12,50 geschlossen. Auf diesem Preisniveau ist eine bedarfsgerechte Versorgung nicht zu gewährleisten.

Inkontinenz kann so zur individuellen Qual werden. Als Folge eines unzureichenden Inkontinenzschutzes nässen Patienten sich unnötig ein. Dadurch steigt das Risiko von Infektionskrankheiten sowie von Druckstellen und Druckgeschwüren. Die sozialen Auswirkungen sind ebenso gravierend: Menschen mit Inkontinenz genieren sich und können am sozialen Leben nicht mehr teilnehmen. Ihre Lebensqualität wird massiv beeinträchtigt – ihnen bleibt nichts anderes übrig als den Mehrbedarf per Aufzahlung selbst zu übernehmen. Inkontinenz wird dadurch nicht nur zu einem gesundheitlichen, sondern auch zu einem sozialen Problem.

Eine angemessene Versorgung der Patienten kann nur gewährleistet werden, wenn der Schweregrad der Inkontinenz bei den Verträgen und Ausschreibungen verpflichtend berücksichtigt werden muss. Eine Unterteilung in Produktgruppen bzw. -arten ermöglicht eine Versorgung der Patienten nach ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen sowie eine differenzierte Preisgestaltung. So können qualitativ angemessene Produkte zu sachgemäßen Preisen angeboten werden.

Außerdem ist die Beratung der Patienten von den wirtschaftlichen Interessen zu trennen. Die Festlegung des Bedarfs muss entsprechend durch den verordnenden Arzt erfolgen. Eine bedarfsgerechte Versorgung kann somit sichergestellt und grundlose Aufzahlungen verhindert werden.

Below is a translated version of the text you see above.

The signatories to this petition demanding that people with incontinence without out of pocket enumerate the incontinence aids in the quality and quantity get that they need for their care and they are entitled to by law. These should include health insurance contracts that allow patients a choice between different vendors and products. Tendering procedures for incontinence aids must be adapted so that the severity of incontinence is included in the tender.

Every person with incontinence is different. Thus each person has different needs in incontinence care. Although people with incontinence have a right to an adequate supply of incontinence aids according to the law, many sufferers are no longer supplied in sufficient quantity and quality today. You need to pay extra out of pocket rather to continue to get the incontinence aids they need and are used to.

Health insurance can save by tender for 20 percent cost. Current contracts were signed to a monthly fee of partially EUR 12.50. At this price level Adequate supplies can not be guaranteed.

Incontinence can be so for individual agony. As a result of an inadequate incontinence protection drench patients unnecessarily. This reduces the risk of infectious diseases as well as pressure sores and pressure ulcers increases. The social consequences are equally serious: people with incontinence embarrassed and can no longer participate in social life. Their quality of life is severely impaired – they have no choice but to take over as the increased demand by enumeration itself. Incontinence is thus not only a health but also a social problem.

An appropriate patient care can only be guaranteed if the severity of incontinence should be considered mandatory for contracts and tenders. A subdivision into product groups or types allows patient care according to their individual needs and differentiated pricing. Thus, appropriate quality products are offered at proper prices.

In addition, the counseling of patients must be disconnected from the economic interests. The identification of specific needs must be in accordance with the prescriber. Adequate supplies can thus assured and gratuitous Supplements can be prevented.

Text is translated whit help of Google Translater.

If you would like yo sign this petition you find it here:

And help people thats need there health insurance when it comes to there needs for incontinence protection.

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